Assault Rifle Stability Damper

Type Weapon Mod

Reduces Weapon kickback by:

  • Level 1: +30%
  • Level 2: +40%
  • Level 3: +50%
  • Level 4: +60%
  • Level 5: +70%

Assault Rifle Stability Damper is a Weapon Mod in Mass Effect 3. Assault Rifle Stability Damper reduces weapon kickback by a percentage and can only be used in Assault Rifles. When a Weapon Mod is obtained, it has to be applied to the corresponding Weapon type at a weapon bench in order to equip it. Any Weapon type can possess up to two mods at a time, and the same mod cannot be applied twice to a single weapon.


Assault Rifle Stability Damper Information

Distributes recoil with sliding system of counterweights compatible with kinetic coil generators. Reduces weapon kickback.

Changes the color of the weapon's handle and stock depending on level of mod.

Upgrade Levels: 5 Levels

Upgrades: Weapon Stability


Reduces Weapon kickback by:

  • Level 1: +30%
  • Level 2: +40%
  • Level 3: +50%
  • Level 4: +60%
  • Level 5: +70%


How to Acquire Assault Rifle Stability Damper


Notes and tips

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