Type  Organic
Faction Reaper
Abilities Nova, Barrier, Warp Charge, Impale

Banshee is an Enemy in Mass Effect 3. Banshee will attack Commander Shepard and his Companions when they see them. Banshee is a  Organic, and belongs to the  Reaper. They are often equipped with the following weapons:   N/A. Enemies in Mass Effect 3 are the primary obstacles in Missions and Side Missions, and they grant Commander Shepard and the squad Experience Points once defeated.


Banshee Description

Banshees are mutated Asaris, developed into synthetic-organic beings via Reaper technology. Deployed as leaders of the Reaper strike force, they are highly intelligent units, and surprisingly durable. Although technically unarmed, the Banshees are bestowed with an array of abilities, such as firing lethal energy spheres, creating shockwaves, and generating warp fields to teleport around the area. 


Banshee Combat Info

Regardless of its often underestimated durability, the Banshee's head is no more resilient than other enemies' as it is just as vulnerable to headshots. 

Despite possessing multiple powerful abilities, the Banshee does not move particularly fast. Since players can avoid the Banshee for a long period of time solely with good movement, it is advised to first take out other units with immobilizing effects, before focusing on the Banshee. 


Banshee Weapons & Abilities


  • N/A



Banshee Location

Banshee can be found at:



Banshee Missions

Banshee appears during the following Missions:

  • __mission1__
  • __mission2__


Notes and tips

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