Black Widow

Weapon Type Sniper Rifles
Fire Rate

Black Widow is a Sniper Rifle in Mass Effect 3. Sniper Rifles  are one of the five types of Weapons available in Mass Effect 3 and they deal massive damage at long-range but are not as good at close-range. Weapons in Mass Effect 3 are used to inflict damage to both Enemies or Bosses alongside Powers. Unlike the previous game, Classes do not limit the type of weaponry at your disposal.


Black Widow Information

The Alliance wanted to reduce the reload time of the original Widow rifle, without sacrificing its stopping power. The solution was to increase the number of shots the gun could fire before it needed a fresh thermal clip. Heavy for a sniper rifle, the Black Widow's firepower more than compensates for its encumbrance.


Black Widow Location

  • You can purchase the Black Widow from the Spectre Requisitions terminal in the Citadel Embassies for 250,000 Credits.


Black Widow Available Upgrades

Sniper Rifles can have two active upgrades at the same time and can be applied at a weapon bench:


Black Widow Tips & Notes

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