Type Organic
Faction Reaper
Abilities Crush, Post-Mortem Attack

Brute is an Enemy in Mass Effect 3. Brute will attack Commander Shepard and his Companions when they see them. Brute is a Organic, and belongs to the  Reaper. They are often equipped with the following weapons:  Melee. Enemies in Mass Effect 3 are the primary obstacles in Missions and Side Missions, and they grant Commander Shepard and the squad Experience Points once defeated.


Brute Description

Brutes are a form of synthetic-organic creatures developed with Reaper technology, derived from the Krogan and Turians. Deployed on the battlefield as heavy frontline melee offense, Brutes can easily obliterate smaller foes that stand in their path. 

The Brute mainly attack through a pattern of a powerful forward charge, followed by a melee attack that covers a large area. It can also perform a one-shot execution with its huge claw-arm, where it grabs a target before smashing it down onto the ground. 


Brute Combat Info

When encountering Reaper forces, prioritize fire power on the Brute. Eliminate it as soon as possible to prevent your squad from being cleared out. 

Always maintain a safe distance from the Brute, and avoid melee battle at all costs. Make use of terrain and cover to out-kite the heavy juggernaut. Make use of armor-piercing Powers such as Incinerate to directly damage the Brute.


Brute Weapons & Abilities


  • Melee


  • Crush
  • Post-Mortem Attack


Brute Location

Brute can be found at:



Brute Missions

Brute appears during the following Missions:

  • __mission1__
  • __mission2__


Notes and tips

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