Builds in Mass Effect 3 are different configurations to optimize Classes to the fullest, suiting a wide array of play styles. Mass Effect 3's six Classes offer diverse options in gameplay-wise allowing you to experiment and choose the one you feel aligns to your style of play.

Mass Effect 3 builds


Infiltrator Sniper Rifle


Possibly the most important thing to note about the Infiltrator Classes is that you can afford to have significantly-heavier Weapons setups than other Classes and not be punished for it because of the way Tactical Cloak works. Tactical Cloak can quicken your power recharge speed depending on how early you break out of it with an attack. If you only use other Powers while cloaked and always break Cloak quickly, you won't notice too much of a slowdown on your power recharge even when carrying heavier Weapons.

Weapon Type: Sniper Rifles

Best Weapon: Black Widow

Important Powers:

Recommended Bonus Power:

Favored Squadmates: 


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