CAT6 Sniper

Type Organic
Faction CAT6
 M-29 Incisor

Tactical Cloak, Assassination, Smoke Grenade

CAT6 Sniper is an Enemy in Mass Effect 3. CAT6 Sniper will attack Commander Shepard and his Companions when they see them. CAT6 Sniper is a Organic, and belongs to the  CAT6. They are often equipped with the following weapons:   M-29 Incisor. Enemies in Mass Effect 3 are the primary obstacles in Missions and Side Missions, and they grant Commander Shepard and the squad Experience Points once defeated.


CAT6 Sniper Description

The CAT6 Sniper is a CAT6 unit exclusively encountered in the Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC

Armed with M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifles, the CAT6 Snipers are, as their name states, expert assassins at long-range combat. Often lurking behind cover awaiting for opportune moment to exterminate their target, they excel at sneaking past enemy defenses with Tactical Cloak and smoke grenades. Protected by a layer of shield and moderate health that self regenerates, the CAT6 Sniper is a tactical veteran to be feared on the battlefield.


CAT6 Sniper Combat Info

CAT6 Snipers presents as an urgent threat on the battlefield, as their three-round burst can pass through both shield and health,  downing players quickly.  

Using Weapons and Powers that either cover areas behind covers, or pierce through covers, such as Venom Shotgun rounds and Combat Drones,  are effective against the CAT6 Snipers.


CAT6 Sniper Weapons & Abilities




CAT6 Sniper Location

CAT6 Sniper can be found at:



CAT6 Sniper Missions

CAT6 Sniper appears during the following Missions:

  • __mission1__
  • __mission2__


Notes and tips

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