Cerberus Spirit Armor

Type Armor Set
Customizable No
Effect +30% Power Recharge Speed
+30% Power Damage
+10% Shield Regen Speed
+10% Shields

Cerberus Spirit Armor is an Armor Set in Mass Effect 3. Cerberus Spirit Armor grants the followingimproves power recharge speed, power damage, shield regen speed and shields and can only be used by Commander Shepard. Armor Sets provide players with protection and resistances against all types of damage. Wearing the full set won't grant any additional bonuses but will change the complete character's appearance.


Cerberus Spirit Armor Information

 Spirit Armor is worn by Cerberus Phantoms fortunate enough to be biotic or for those who are skilled enough to use highly technical attacks. The armor has small gains for shield strength and regeneration, but where it truly shines is in its capacity to amplify biotic amps and omni-tools. These attacks hit significantly harder and more often, allowing the Phantom to dismantle heavily-armored targets.


+30% Power Recharge Speed
+30% Power Damage
+10% Shield Regen Speed
+10% Shields


How to get Cerberus Spirit Armor

To earn the Cerberus Spirit Armor, you have to achieve over 9,999 points in the Armax Arsenal Arena. You will be presented with three different prizes as a reward. You can only select one.


Best Class for Cerberus Spirit Armor

Cerberus Spirit Armor is best suited for the following Classes:


Cerberus Spirit Armor pieces

The Cerberus Spirit Armor is a full-piece Armor Set.


Notes and tips

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