Citadel (DLC)

Release Date March 5th, 2013
Price USD 14,99

Citadel (DLC) is a  DLC for Mass Effect 3, released on March 5th, 2013. Citadel (DLC)  revolves around a conspiracy that targets Commander Shepard. Citadel (DLC) is available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Citadel (DLC) Information

Commander Shepard and the Normandy crew get a much deserved break, but their shore leave is short-lived. Face down a new villain before catching up with old friends from Mass Effect 1 and 2.


Citadel (DLC) Content

Citadel (DLC) content includes:

8 Temporary Companions (If they survived the previous games)
17 Missions
Assault Rifle
Heavy Pistol
Armor Sets
Weapon Mods
War Assets


Notes and tips

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