Citadel Defense Force

Type Alien
Military Strength 10
Requires Complete Priority: The Citadel II

Citadel Defense Force is a Alien War Asset in Mass Effect 3. War Assets are all the resources and allies gathered by Commander Shepard during the journey to defeat the Reapers. War Assets contribute their Total Military Strength, in order to increase the Effective Military Strength, which determines success in the final showdown against the Reapers. Some War Assets can improve or decrease their Total Military Strength depending on some choices made during the course of the game.


Citadel Defense Force Information

The Council created the Citadel Defense Force to support Shepard in the war against the Reapers. The CDF includes ships and soldiers from every Council race. Compliments from a few species without official membership status have also quietly joined. After the attempted coup, no offer of assistance is being turned away by the Council and its advisors.

UPDATED (Support Refugee)
Military Strength: -2

An increase in refugees on the Citadel depleted resources that might have otherwise gone to defense systems and personnel.

UPDATED (Support Dock Officer)
Military Strength: 7

It has become easier for people to travel through asari space to join family and friends on Thessia. The Citadel's security improved as a result of the number of refugees leaving the Citadel.

UPDATED (Support Reluctant Civilian)
Military Strength: 5

Civilians volunteering at emergency clinics helped to save lives by processing patients, assisting doctors, and taking some of the burden off the Citadel's overtaxed medical staff.

UPDATED (Support Gun-Ho)
Military Strength: 0

Warning people on the Citadel to prepare for the war has improved civilian readiness.

UPDATED (Authorize Partner Benefits Increase at theSpectre Terminal)
Military Strength: 8

Commander Shepard restored duty pay to spouses and family of active service people, improving morale on the Citadel.

UPDATED (Authorize Civilian Deportation Order at the Spectre Terminal)
Military Strength: 7

A con artist exploiting refugees was thrown off the Citadel. Security improved on the docks as a result.

UPDATED (Authorize Medical Supplies at the Spectre Terminal)
Military Strength: 7

Spectre authorization released medical supplies from Customs to Huerta Memorial Hospital, improving the quality of patient care.

UPDATED (Surveillance Authorization is given at the Spectre Terminal)
Military Strength: 7

A Spectre gave C-Sec permission to tap into surveillance on private citizens. C-Sec used the footage to make several arrests, improving security.

UPDATED (If Worried Merchant at Aegohr Munitions after Priority: The Citadel II is supported, and Militia is authorized from the Spectre Terminal.)
Military Strength: 7

C-Sec was authorized to train a civilian militia, strengthening their defense forces.

UPDATED (If Angry Merchant at Aegohr Munitions after Priority: The Citadel II is supported, and Weapons Sales is authorized from the Spectre Terminal.)
Military Strength: -4

C-Sec has been ignoring illegal sales of weapons to civilians. Some unlawful elements have taken advantage of this to build an arsenal, increasing the crime rate as they settle old scores.

UPDATED (Citadel Entry is authorized from the Spectre Terminal after Grissom Academy)
Military Strength: 5

Housing was found for students from Grissom Academy too young to work on the Prothean device. These gifted teenagers have been helping, however, by dealing with any repetitive problems that can't be delegated to VIs

UPDATED (Support the Frustrated C-Sec Officer at Apollo's Cafe)
Military Strength: -2

C-Sec is focusing on smaller crimes and misdemeanors. This has spread their forces thin, decreasing efficiency when dealing with larger threats.

UPDATED (Support the Cafe Owner at Apollo's Cafe)
Military Strength: 5

After reassurances that keeping money in the bank is critical to the war effort, volus merchants are making donations to relief efforts and defense forces on the Citadel.

UPDATED (Complete Citadel: Target Jamming Technology)
Military Strength: 8

Geth jamming frequencies upgraded the Citadel's automated defense systems.

UPDATED (Complete Citadel: Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics)
Military Strength: 8

Schematics, recovered by Commander Shepard, are helping C-Sec easily locate and shut down active turrets left by Cerberus on the Citadel.

UPDATED (Complete Citadel: Biotic Amp Interfaces)
Military Strength: 8

Schematics of advanced biotic amplifiers from Grissom Academy increased the endurance of the Asari under fire.

UPDATED (Complete Irune: Book of Plenix)
Military Strength: 40

The Book of Plenix declares that every volus must aid those in need during times of want. News of the book's recovery inspired many volus citizens to donate generous amounts of Citadel charities and defense funds.

UPDATED (Complete Dekuuna: Code of the Ancients)
Military Strength: 40

The Elcor rejoiced when the Code of the Ancients was recovered. With hope restored, they rallied to help move supplies on the Citadel for the war effort.

UPDATED (Complete Silean Nebula: Rings of Alune)
Military Strength: 40

The recovery of Rings of Alune, named after a revered Asariphysician, inspired asari civilians to volunteer at Citadel refugee clinics and hospitals.

UPDATED (Authorize Asari Huntress Weapon Permit at the Spectre Terminal)
Military Strength: -4

Doctors at Huerta Memorial Hospital were discouraged by their failure to prevent the suicide of an Asari commando in their care.


Citadel Defense Force Notes and Tips

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