Collector Trooper

Type Organic
Faction Collector
Collector SMG
Abilities Frag Grenade

Collector Trooper is an Enemy in Mass Effect 3. Collector Trooper will attack Commander Shepard and his Companions when they see them. Collector Trooper is a Organic, and belongs to the  Collector. They are often equipped with the following weapons:  Collector SMG. Enemies in Mass Effect 3 are the primary obstacles in Missions and Side Missions, and they grant Commander Shepard and the squad Experience Points once defeated.


Collector Trooper Description


The Collector Trooper is an enemy encountered in the Retaliation Pack DLC in Mass Effect 3's multi-player mode, as well as the Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC in the Armax Arsenal Arena.

Armed with Collector SMGs and naturally bestowed with Organic Blades, the Collector Trooper is formidable both at range and in melee. They also have the ability to throw Frag Grenades to deal AOE damage and force opponents out of cover. 


Collector Trooper Combat Info

The Lack of shields and armor make most attacks effective means to stagger or kill the average Assault Trooper. 

If battling an Assault Trooper in melee, try to avoid his Shock Baton attack, or simply attack quickly before he charges up the baton. 


Collector Trooper Weapons & Abilities




Collector Trooper Location

Collector Trooper can be found at:



Collector Trooper Missions

Collector Trooper appears during the following Missions:

  • __mission1__
  • __mission2__


Notes and tips

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