Controls for Mass Effect 3 consists of an overview of the game's mechanism and its corresponding action for each platform. Listed below are the details for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Take note that the keybindings and controls listed below are by default and that players can customize it according to their preference.


Mass Effect 3 Controls


PC Controls
PS Controls
Xbox Controls


Keyboard & Mouse
Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Walk Left Control
Use / Cover / Storm Spacebar
Navigational Assistance Primary: V, Secondary: M
Cover Turn Middle Mouse Button
Quick Save F5
Quick Load F9
Shoot Left Mouse Button
Aim Right Mouse Button
Reload R
Melee F
Swap Weapon X
Next Weapon Mouse Wheel Scroll Down
Previous Weapon Mouse Wheel Scroll Up
Command HUD (HOLD) Left Shift
Order Rally C
Order Squadmate 1 to Move/Attack Q
Order Squadmate 2 to Move/Attack E
Order Attack Z
Quick Slot 1 1
Quick Slot 2 2
Quick Slot 3 3
Quick Slot 4 4
Quick Slot 5 5
Quick Slot 6 6
Quick Slot 7 7
Quick Slot 8 8
Exit Atas X
Exit Mounted Gun X
Voice Chat (HOLD) Primary: Tab, Secondary: B
Prolong Life Spacebar
Spectate Previous Player Mouse Wheel Scroll Down
Spectate Next Player Mouse Wheel Scroll Up
PS Controller
Movement l_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Aim/Move Camera r_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Walk l_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Storm x_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide + l_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Use/ Take Cover/ Vault x_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Melee Attack circle_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Reload Weapon square_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Switch Weapon Hold square_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Use Mapped Powers triangle_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide/l2_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide/r1_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Weapon Wheel l1_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Power Wheel r1_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Tight Aim l2_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Shoot r2_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Navigation Assistance r3_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Squad Attack D-pad: Up
Rally D-pad: Down
Squadmate 1 Move/Attack D-pad: Left
Squadmate 2 Move/Attack D-pad: Right
Pause options_button_playstation_controls_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide
Select Quicksave
Xbox Controller
Movement xbox_controllericons_lstick
Aim/Move Camera xbox_controllericons_rstick
Walk xbox_controllericons_lstick
Storm xbox_controllericons_abtn + xbox_controllericons_lstick
Use/ Take Cover/ Vault xbox_controllericons_abtn
Melee Attack xbox_controllericons_bbtn
Reload Weapon xbox_controllericons_xbtn
Switch Weapon Hold xbox_controllericons_xbtn
Use Mapped Powers xbox_controllericons_ybtn/xbox_controllericons_lbumper/xbox_controllericons_rbumper
Weapon Wheel xbox_controllericons_lbumper
Power Wheel xbox_controllericons_rbumper
Tight Aim xbox_controllericons_ltrigger
Shoot xbox_controllericons_xbtn
Navigation Assistance xbox_controllericons_rstickpress
Squad Attack xbox_controllericons_dpadup
Rally xbox_controllericons_dpad
Squadmate 1 Move/Attack xbox_controllericons_dpadleft
Squadmate 2 Move/Attack xbox_controllericons_dpadright
Pause xbox_controllericons_start
Select xbox_controllericons_back

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