Race Artificial Intelligence
Health 500
Shield 500
Class n/a
Unique Class Unshackled AI
Weapon Proficiencies
Heavy Pistols
Submachine Guns
Powers Decoy
Defense Matrix

EDI is a Companion for Mass Effect 3. EDI can fight alongside Commander Shepard. EDI is proficient in the following Weapons: Heavy Pistols, Submachine Guns; EDI is also capable of the following Powers: DecoyOverloadIncinerate, and Defense Matrix.


EDI Information

  • EDI or Enhanced Defense Intelligence is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that was created by Cerberus and installed on the Normandy SR-2.
  • EDI made her first appearance in Mass Effect 2 and was represented visually as a blue holographic sphere that had a striking feminine voice. She was mainly responsible for providing Shepard with data regarding the Normandy and Cerberus.
  • In Mass Effect 3, later on, she seizes control of the destroyed body of a Cerberus Operative known as Dr. Eva and is recruited by Shepard to join the squad.
  • EDIS is not open to the possibility of a romance towards a male or female Shepard.


How to Recruit EDI

  • EDI is recruitable through story progression.
  • After destroying the robotic body of Cerberus operative Dr. Eva on Mars, EDI takes control of the body on the Normandy SR-2.


EDI Proficiencies

EDI has the following proficiencies:


EDI Class Information

Class Power Ranks

Rank 1: Unshackled AI

  • Health & Shield Bonus: 10%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 20%

Rank 2: Shields & Damage

  • Health & Shield Bonus: 20%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 40%

Rank 3: Shields & Damage

  • Health & Shield Bonus: 30%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 60%

Rank 4: Power Damage or Health & Shields

Power Damage

  • Health & Shield Bonus: 30%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 80%

Health & Shields

  • Health & Shield Bonus: 50%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 60%

Rank 5: Weapon Damage or Tech Damage

  • Increase weapon damage by 20%.
  • Increase tech power damage by 30%.

Rank 6: Squad Bonus or Shield Recharge

  • Increase squadmate tech power damage and duration by 10%.
  • Decrease shield-recharge delay by 20%.


EDI Powers

EDI has the following Powers.


EDI Alternate Outfits

Outfits change the appearance or clothing of squadmates and it also adds a passive bonus such as Weapon Damage, Bonus Shields, Power Recharge Speed, and more. By default, each main companion has access to one "Alternate" outfit, but with other DLCs that you own, there are also a couple more alternative outfits to choose from. Players can change the outfits of the companions by accessing the terminal in Shepard's cabin on the Normandy SR-2 or when you are about to leave and choose your companion before starting a Mission.

Default Outfit

Outfit Bonus: Power Damage +25%


Alternate Outfit

Outfit Bonus: Power Recharge Speed +25%


From Ashes DLC Outfit

Outfit Bonus: Shields +25%


Alt. Appearance Pack 1 Outfit

Outfit Bonus: Power Recharge Speed +25%


EDI Notes and tips

  • Voice Actress: Tricia Helfer


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