Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation

Quest Type

Side Mission


Grissom Academy


12500 Credits
Updates the Alliance 103rd Marine Division War Asset
Biotic Company War Asset

Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation is a Side Mission in Mass Effect 3. Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation is about rescuing the students of Grissom Academy from Cerberus forces. Side Mission are secondary quests in Mass Effect 3, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


How to unlock Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation


Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation Walkthrough

Head to the Petra Nebula and enter the orbit of Grissom Academy. Joker and EDI will point out that there are too many Cerberus Ships for the Normandy to sneak by or engage in a direct fight. Kahlee Sanders comes over the comm requesting aid. She can open a cargo hold, for you to disembark. A cutscene shows Joker creating a diversion that allows Commander Shepard and the squad take the shuttle into the school.

Kahlee Sanders will report that she is currently trapped in the security office just ahead by Cerberus operatives. Move to the door and be prepared to engage in a fight as soon as you open it. You will find four Assault Troopers on the other side, Kahlee Sanders will dispose of the two by the door on the right. Deal with the other two.

Once inside, Kahlee informs you that there are fewer than twenty students remaining at the school. You can ask about Admiral Anderson to learn that she and him go a long way back. Proceed through the conversation as you see fit, but eventually, it will be interrupted by news that Cerberus has a group of students trapped in Orion Hall. Kahlee will open the door at the end of the corridor.

You will be greeted by the sight of Cerberus operatives. Pick up the ammo on the couch, and proceed through the door to the right. A Cerberus commander will come over the intercom informing students that Cerberus has taken control of the school, and they will be perfectly safe as long as they do not resist. Hop over the wall, to the right to pick up the Assault Rifle Stability Damper.

Open the door and proceed through, when you round the corner on the left side of the room, you'll find two Assault Troopers talking to a biotic student who has surrounded himself with a barrier. Both troopers haver their backs to you, so you can take them out easily before they can react. At the end of the couch on the right side of the room, you can pick up a datapad that contains 1250 Credits. If you speak the boy, Reiley Bellarmine, you will tell him to play dead until the coast is clear and then run back to Kahlee Sanders. He will mention that his sister Seanne is still inside the school. Jump over the barrier to proceed.

Examine the tactical analysis review to get +20 Experience points on the desk ahead, pick up the SMG Heat Sink on the desk in the center of the room, and the personal log on the desk at the right end of the room. It will also grant you +20 Experience Points.  Take the nearby door, upon going through the next door after thay, you will fleeing student being gunned down by Cerberus troops. More Cerberus Operatives will come thtough the two doors at the far end of the room. Take advantage of the Shield Generator near the fallen student to remove their primary means of cover.

Head into the hallway, on the left pick up the M-22 Eviscerator. Head back the fallen student and continue through the next room, moving straight ahead. You will find Seanne Bellarmine to the left, speak to her as quickly as possible, because if you take too long she will die from her wounds. You will find the Mnemonic Visor, on the couch near her. You can also find M-96 Mattock on the couch in the middle of the room, and a locker containing 1250 Credits across the room. Finally, go down the corridor towards Orion Hall.

As you get closer to the door, Kahlee Sanders will tell you that she received an emergency message from the students in Orion Hall. Before entering, destroy the generator to the right of the door. Doing so, will allow Kahlee to address the students over the PA. She will inform them that help is here, and will warm the students not to let Cerberus take them alive.

Continue through the second floor.  You will find biotic students defending themselves against Cerberus troopers at the end of the corridor. If you imported a Mass Effect 2 save file and Jack survived the suicide mission, she will be there. If not, Jason Prangley will step up and take charge.

The students will retreat behind a biotic barrier, you must defeat all Enemies before the barrier wears down. An Atlas Mech will join the fray.

After the battle, Jack punches Commander Shepard in the face. If a male Shepard had a relationship with her in Mass Effect 2, the punch is followed by a kiss, and the reason for the punch is the Commander leaving her. If not, the reason is for previously trusting Cerberus. 

If Jack is not present, the students say that their CO was killed, leaving Prangley in charge.  The students will need a few minutes to charge, since they have been fending off Cerberus attacks for hours.

Steve Cortez comes over the comm and states that a Cerberus cruiser is coming, so Commander Shepard orders him to return to the Normandy on the shuttle. Shepard informs Kahlee Sanders of the situation, and she comes with an alternative way out of the facility.

Immediately turn left and find a data log. On the opposite side of the room, you can find a med kit. In the balcony, you will find an Assault Rifle Precision Scope and a datapad worth 1875 Credits. Use the door override controls in the middle of the back wall to open the door to the Atrium.

Go back downstairs, you can talk to Jack if she is present. She will express her opinion thinking the students are better off as support units rather than on the front lines. 

Proceed to the door to the Atrium, it is at the end of the corridor under the balcony room. The biotics suggest that they follow a different route, attacking Cerberus from above. You can respond howerver you like. Then the Cerberus announcer telling the students that the Alliance Soldiers are going to get them killed and that they should just surrender. 

It is a good idea to open the door, and just stand there, waiting for the first wave of Enemies to come at you. This allows you to take out several of them before the bulk of them engage you.

Once you enter into the Atrium, you will have move from cover to cover, to prevent being flanked.  Try to take your time by taking down one enemy at a time, while staying out of the line of fire of the Turrets. Note that there are Shield Pylons scattered around, so use them wisely to help you destroy your Enemies.

Two Guardians will spawn at the high ground. Whoever is leading the biotic students will shout "up here!" at the moment they spawn.

After all the Enemies are down, replenish your ammo and move through the door on the lower level. There is a med-kit on the right. Use the computer located on the left, farther down the corridor to obtain +3750 Credits. Move through the door to reach the second section of the Atrium.

Here you will find Centurions, Guardians, several Combat Engineers and a lot of Assault Troopers. You will receive help by the biotic students.

When planning your cover, be aware that Enemies will be arriving over the wall and landing on the level above you. During the battle Rodriguez will be hit, but don't worry, she'll live.

After the Enemies are down, there's nothing important to loot, so head to the door at the far end of the Atrium and head through it. You can access a computer terminal to the right, to obtain 4375 Credits. To the left, two of the tech students are fending off two Assault Troopers with a barrier/shield.

Once the troopers are down, you can now speak to Octavia. She doesn't trust Shepard. You can decide to contact Kahlee Sanders in order to convince her that you are an ally,  order a squadmate to disable the shield or just shoot through the shield. If you completed Overlord in Mass Effect 2, Dr. Gavin Archer will be present and vouch for you. He will unlock the door to a security office at the end of the corridor, which contains anoher M-96 Mattock or a M-22 Eviscerator and a Sniper Rifle Piercing Mod.

Head through the door, and collect the Biotic Amp Schematics from the terminal on the right. In the following room, you can retrieve the Serrice Council (Chest) from the couch to the left.

In the next room, has an empty Atlas and a Combat Engineer. Open the Med-Kit for +100 Experience Points located on the couch on your right, and access the engineer's data log on the floor. There is a SMG Magazine Upgrade on the bench to the left of the entrance you came in.

You can climb into the Atlas, and get ready to face waves of Assault Troopers, Guardians and Centurions. They shouldn't pose a threat to you.

When almost all of the Enemy troops are down, an Atlas Mech will come through the door where you entered.

Once you cleared the room of Enemies, Kahlee Sanders will call for you to head to the shuttle. Take the door at the far right of the room from where you entered.

You are treated to a cutscene showing the students and your squad rushing for the shuttle. You will see Rodriguez, wounded, who has fallen behind and is being pursued by Cerberus operatives. Commander Shepard will attempt to break through the glass separating the rooms in order to get to Rodriguez, but whoever is in charge of the biotics squad will smash the glass first using Powers. If it's Jack, everyone makes it safely to the shuttle, if it's Prangley, whe will be shot down. 

Once you are inside the shuttle, you will have to decide which role the biotics will play in the war. You will be returned to the Normandy for a video conference with Anderson to complete the Mission.


Enemies found on Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation


Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation Rewards


Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation Notes & Tips

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