Type Race
Homeworld Kahje

Hanar are a Race in Mass Effect 3. Hanar resembles Earth's jellyfish, they are one of the few non-bipedal races in the Citadel. Hanar is most known for its politeness when speaking, as well as its strong religious beliefs regarding the Protheans, whom they refer to as "the Enkindlers".. Races in Mass Effect 3 have their own agendas, culture, religion, ways to govern etc. Since Commander Shepard is inevitably Human, the approach of the other Races towards Humanity is most of the time visible for the player. Many of the perceptions some Races used to have may have changed thanks to the efforts of Commander Shepard in the prequels. 


Hanar Information

The homeworld of the Hanar, known as Kahje, is mostly covered by the ocean and orbits an energetic white star that resulted in a permanent blanket of clouds. The Protheans were present in the ruins of Kahke and the Hanar developed a religious belief that centered around the Protheans or whom they refer to as "the Enkindlers". Hanar myths often speak of them as an elder race that uplifted and civilized them by teaching them language.

Hundreds of years ago, the Hanar made contact with the Drell and they took in as much as they could and tried to save the Drell from its dying planet due to overpopulation and scarce resources. Even though some Drell fell ill and died due to the environment of the planet Kahje, the Drell still tried to survive and live in prosperity with the Hanar, and they continued to fulfill their debt, known as "The Compact" by taking on tasks that the Hanar finds difficult, tasks such as combat - the Drell servants usually complete tasks given by Hanar such as assassinations

How the Hanar communicates with other races consists of sophisticated patterns of bioluminescence. They speak with scrupulous precision and extreme politeness. Most Hanar takes offense at improper language and must take special courses to unlearn this tendency if they expect to deal with other species.


Notable Hanar 


Hanar Notes and Tips

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