Henry Lawson

Race Human
Location Horizon
Related Missions

Henry Lawson is an NPC in Mass Effect 3. Henry Lawson is a Human character. NPCs in Mass Effect 3 can interact with Commander Shepard and they may provide information, Weapons, or Items. NPCs also may give Missions in exchange for rewards. Choosing different interactions with NPCs may result in different courses of Mass Effect 3 story.


Henry Lawson Information

Henry Lawson is the father of Miranda Lawson, and her genetic twin, Oriana Lawson. Henry is a powerful businessman who was known to be obsessed with making sure his work was marked on history, which is the "genetic dynasty". He was responsible of taking his own DNA and doubled his X chromosome to create a daughter, Miranda, whom he ensured would have "desirable traits." Miranda was not the first offspring engineered in such a way, but she was the first one Henry kept.

Henry treated his daughter Miranda like a princess, he gave her what she wanted, groomed her as he would see her fit as the perfect daughter, and supported her as she grew up. But eventually, he became dissatisfied with Miranda and used her DNA to create a more ideal heiress, Oriana. This caused Miranda to rebel, where she took Oriana and ran away from Henry. Miranda then seeked refuge from Cerberus where she was given protection.

In Mass Effect 3, Henry sets up a base on Horizon and realings his alliance with Cerberus. There, he studied and experimented on husks and the effects of Reaper indoctrination, hoping to come up with a solution to control them.


Henry Lawson Location

Henry Lawson can be found in the following Locations:

  • Horizon


Henry Lawson Related Missions

The following Missions are related to Henry Lawson:


Henry Lawson Notes and tips

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  • Voiced by: Alan Dale



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