M-11 Suppressor

Weapon Type Heavy Pistols
Fire Rate

M-11 Suppressor is a Heavy Pistol in Mass Effect 3. Heavy Pistols  are one of the six types of Weapons available in Mass Effect 3 and despite their size, they are massive damage dealing Weapons. Weapons in Mass Effect 3 are used to inflict damage to both Enemies or Bosses alongside Powers. Unlike the previous game, Classes do not limit the type of weaponry at your disposal.


M-11 Suppressor Information

 The M-11 Suppressor is the product of the Alliance's Offensive Handgun Project that developed an infiltration weapon to be used in close-quarters situations where silence is key. The Suppressor features a built-in integral sound moderator that reduces noise and muzzle flash. Civilian variants of the weapon are considered illegal but can be found in some sectors.

  • Manufacturer: Systems Alliance
  • Fire Mode: Semi-automatic
  • Clip Size: 6
  • Reserve: 30


M-11 Suppressor Location

With Mass Effect 3: Citadel downloaded, the M-11 Suppressor is automatically added at the start of the Mission, "Citadel Wards: Ambush", after a cinematic is shown where Shepard kills a CAT6 Specialist wielding the weapon.

Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The M-11 Suppressor is categorized as rare and requires Mass Effect 3: Reckoning to be installed.


M-11 Suppressor Available Upgrades

Heavy Pistols can have two active upgrades at the same time. In order to apply these upgrades, you have to do it at a weapon bench:


M-11 Suppressor Tips & Notes

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