M-7 Lancer

Weapon Type Assault Rifles
Fire Rate

M-7 Lancer is an Assault Rifle in Mass Effect 3. Assault Rifles  are one of the six types of Weapons available in Mass Effect 3 and they excel at mid to long distance combat. Weapons in Mass Effect 3 are used to inflict damage to both Enemies or Bosses alongside Powers. Unlike the previous game, Classes do not limit the type of weaponry at your disposal.


M-7 Lancer Information

The M7-Lancer is a rare collector's item that was introduced shortly after the First Contact War. The Lancer has been refurbished by an unknown master weaponsmith, and it now uses the higher velocity rounds of today's weaponry. It does not need heat sinks, instead utilizing weapon heat-generation from an earlier era. Few of these finely crafted weapons are in existence.

  • Manufacturer: Hahne-Kedar
  • Fire Mode: Automatic
  • Clip Size: 38
  • Reserve: Infinite


M-7 Lancer Location


With Mass Effect 3: Citadel downloaded, the M-7 Lancer can be obtained during the mission, Citadel Archives: Escape. It is found in a display case on the capsule containing information on the First Contact War.

Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The M-7 Lancer is categorized as ultra-rare and requires Mass Effect 3: Reckoning.


M-7 Lancer Available Upgrades

Assault Rifles can have two active upgrades at the same time. In order to apply these upgrades, you have to do it at a weapon bench:


M-7 Lancer Tips & Notes

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