M-8 Avenger

Weapon Type Assault Rifles
Fire Rate

M-8 Avenger is an Assault Rifle in Mass Effect 3. Assault Rifles  are one of the five types of Weapons available in Mass Effect 3 and they excel at mid to long distance combat. Weapons in Mass Effect 3 are used to inflict damage to both Enemies or Bosses alongside Powers. Unlike the previous game, Classes do not limit the type of weaponry at your disposal.


M-8 Avenger Information

The Avenger is a common, versatile, military-grade assault rifle manufactured by the Elkoss Combine. It's accurate when fired in short bursts, and deadly when fired on full auto. The modular design and inexpensive components of the Avanger make it a favorite of military groups and mercenaries alike. The rifles has a reputation for being tough, reliable, easy to use, and easy to upgrade.

  • Manufacturer: Elkoss Combine
  • Fire Mode: Automatic
  • Clip Size: 30
  • Reserve: 210


M-8 Avenger Location


M-8 Avenger Available Upgrades

Assault Rifles can have two active upgrades at the same time and can be applied at a weapon bench:


M-8 Avenger Tips & Notes

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