Medi-Gel in Mass Effect 3 is a consumable item for health regeneration, it is basically the only consumable item in the game. It is used for Commander Shepard and any Companions.

Mass Effect 3 Medi-Gel




Item Type Consumable
Acquisition Aid Stations, Aid Containers

Medi-Gel Description

The Medi-Gel is a multi-purpose medicinal salve, composed of a certain anesthetic and clotting agent used by the military, paramedics, and EMTs. Produced by the Sirta Foundation, it grips onto the flesh when applied which forms a tight seal, rapidly healing open wounds and protecting injuries against infections, contaminants, and gases.  In addition its biological healing properties, the Medi-Gel plays a vital role in the repairing of synthetic platforms. This has been proven by Shepard time and time again, as he had frequently used the Medi-Gel to repair Legion's and EDI's platforms during the Commander's adventures.  

Despite possessing qualities that are illegal under the modification laws, the Medi-Gel's unparalleled contributiveness has prevented it from being banned. 


Medi-Gel Uses

Even though the Medi-Gel remains as the only consumable that recovers Health, its usage has subtly adjusted in response to the major changes to health regeneration in Mass Effect 3. Unlike the previous games in the series, passive healing proficiency has been toned down during Shepard's campaign to save the galaxy, and health has been divided into bars. Although the present health bar self-regenerates if left undamaged for a time period, fully depleted bars can only be regenerated with the use of a Medi-Gel, which can be done by activating First Aid during Missions (all bars are fully replenished inbetween missions). During the campaign, upgrades can be purchased on multiple occasions, which increase the maximum capacity to carry Medi-Gels. Shepard can even further enhance the efficiency or amount of each Medi-Gel during instances where the Normandy has a medical officer.

In relation the revival of squadmates, the value of Medi-Gel has decreased in Mass Effect 3, as it is no longer the only means of revival. The new alternative, which is available in both single and multi-player, is the manual revive option - an interaction button that automatically appears whenever Shepard faces a party member's downed body nearby. However, the Medi-Gel is still preferred on more urgent scenarios, as it can quickly revive both squadmates and heal Shepard by only consuming one unit. 


Medi-Gel Acquisition

The Medi-Gel is available in set capacities while squads engage in battle within the galaxy. It can be obtained from wall-mounted aid stations, aid containers, and loots. Additionally, the upgrades that Shepard can purchase will increase the Commander's Medi-Gel carrying capacity from 3 units to a maximum of 9 units.  You can purchase Medi-Gel upgrades at the Sirta Supplies terminal.


First Aid

First Aid in Mass Effect 3 replaces Unity, the go-to Power in the previous game to revive fallen comrades. Any Class in Mass Effect 3 can use First Aid. First Aid revives fallen comrades to full health and shields, and restore all of Commander Shepard's health bars (Except on Insanity). 

On insanity difficulty it will only restore all health bars if Commander Shepard is not taking damage. In case damage is being done to Shepard, it will only restore 2 to 2.5 segments of health.

Even if you use First Aid to revive 2 fallen Companions, you will only use one unit of Medi-Gel to do so. It also has no cooldown associated to it, so it can be used repeatedly.

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