Model Ships in Mass Effect 3 are a type of Collectable that can be acquired from Stores to display in the Commander Shepard's quarters aboard the Normandy. They provide no bonus to the crew nor the Commander.

Mass Effect 2's models

If you have imported your Mass Effect 2 file to the third game, any models acquired through it can be found scattered around the Normandy in Mass Effect 3. These are:

  • Alliance Cruiser
  • Alliance Shuttle
  • Destiny Ascension
  • Freighter
  • Geth Cruiser
  • Normandy SR-1
  • Normandy SR-2
  • Shadow Broker Base
  • Sovereign
  • Turian Cruiser

New Model Ships

New ship models are available to buy in Mass Effect 3. There are a total of 6 model ships available, and they can be purchased for buy_logo_store_mass_effect_3_wiki_guide1000 Credits after completing Priority Missions

All Mass Effect 3 Model Ships

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