N7 Defender Armor

Type Armor Set
Customizable No
Effect +10% Health
+10% Shields
+10% Weapon Damage
+20% Ammo Capacity

N7 Defender Armor is an Armor Set in Mass Effect 3. N7 Defender Armor grants the following: improved Ammo Capacity, Weapon Damage, Shields and Health and can only be used by Commander Shepard. Armor Sets provide players with protection and resistances against all types of damage. Wearing the full set won't grant any additional bonuses but will change the complete character's appearance.


N7 Defender Armor Information

 The Defender Armor is a variation on the N7 Special Forces’ combat gear, built to protect soldiers in long-running engagements where reinforcements may be sparse. When the wearer fires a weapon, the suit's computers divert energy from the main power cell to the gun's kinetic coils, offering an extra punch. The Defender's storage compartments are designed to hold spare thermal clips, while capacitors throughout the armor provide extra power to shields during critical moments in battle. The Armor also comes with an injection system built into the suit and neural-linked bio-monitors that help adjust the wearer's breathing rate and adrenaline levels.


+10% Health
+10% Shields
+10% Weapon Damage
+20% Ammo Capacity


How to get N7 Defender Armor

You obtain the N7 Defender Armor by pre-ordering Mass Effect 3 from certain retailers.


Best Class for N7 Defender Armor

N7 Defender Armor is best suited for the following Classes:


N7 Defender Armor pieces

The N7 Defender Armor is a full-piece Armor Set.


Notes and tips

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