N7: Cerberus Abductions

Quest Type

Side Mission




10,000 Credits
Arcturus First DivisionWar Asset

N7: Cerberus Abductions is a Side Mission in Mass Effect 3. N7: Cerberus Abductions is about a Cerberus attack on Benning. Side Mission are secondary quests in Mass Effect 3, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


How to unlock N7: Cerberus Abductions


N7: Cerberus Abductions Walkthrough

Upon heading north to the first nav-point, you will enter Building 52. You will find a PDA to the right, to examine. Continuing North through the latrine and into the bedroom, you will find a bunk bed with a dead civilian. You can find spare parts that are worth 2500 Credits on the floor.

You will see a civilian being gunned down by Cerberus. Engage Cerberus. You will face a wave of Assault Troopers, supported by a Combat Engineer and a Centurion. Once all hostiles have been eliminated, the Mission will update and provide you with a second objective.

Head towards Building 27. As you head to Building 27, Building 22 will be to the right. You can obtain a Dog Tag on the ground, next to a pillar, this is required to complete Benning: Evidence.

In the same courtyard, you will find Building 97. Under the painted number 97 is a black and yellow dumpster. You can find a Capacitor Helmet to the right of the dumpster. Now enter building 27, to find a med-station and spare parts worth 2500 Credits, between building 27 and building 25. You will see Cerberus troops attacking civilians to the south. Defeat them all. 

When you are heading to speak to the civilians,  you will be near Building 7, you can read an email on a computer console telling you to not trust Cerberus. There is also a small alley left from the building leading to Building 7, there you can find some spare parts worth 2500 Credits.

Upon talking to the civilians, you have to defend them as they head to the landing pad for extraction. Enemies will appear. Although you would think the opposite, Cerberus troops will focus on you rather than the civilians. You will face three waves of Enemies. First two waves consists of Assault Troopers and the third one consists of Assault Troopers, Combat Engineers and Centurions

Once all Cerberus troops are down, the civilians will head to the landing zone and wait there. You can now pick up anything you left behind on your way here. If you are ready head to the landing zone. On your way there, you will find a med-station on Building 5. There are also some Spare Sparts worth 2500 Credits and a PDA to examine.

When you select the shuttle to leave, the Mission will end.


Enemies found on N7: Cerberus Abductions


N7: Cerberus Abductions Rewards


N7: Cerberus Abductions Notes & Tips

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