N7: Cerberus Attack

Quest Type

Side Mission




5 Reputation
10000 Credits
Krogan First DivisionWar Asset

N7: Cerberus Attack is a Side Mission in Mass Effect 3. N7: Cerberus Attack is  about a Cerberus operation on Tuchanka that has to be neutralized. Side Mission are secondary quests in Mass Effect 3, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


How to unlock N7: Cerberus Attack


N7: Cerberus Attack Walkthrough

Travel to Tuchanka, located on the Krogan DMZ. Listen to Hackett's debrief as you make your way to the planet on shuttle.

Once you arrive, you will notice that Enemies are already present, but they won't notice you immediately. Walk around the corner to find three Troopers with their bakcs to you, take them out. Get to cover, and prepare to face a wave of Troopers, Centurions and Combat Engineers.

When Commander Shepard states that the console has been secured, there will be no more Enemies left to face, and you are safe to explore the place, before activating the console check out the loot.

Through the door on the left, go past a pile of rubble and left of the crate you will find some salvageable junk worth 3000 Credits. Return to where you started, and head right across the courtyard, and head right. You will find more salvageable junk, this time worth 3500 Credits.

Climb the ladder and move toward the console with the holograms on it. Behind the console, look to the left to find the Old Grid Schematics, needed to complete Citadel: Improved Grid Power. From there, on your left you will find a med-kit on the ground. Head down the ramp, and out of the control room, head into the corner on the right, to find even more salvageable junk worth 3500 Credits. Last, but not least, move around the fallen column, and pick up the Armax Arsenal (Gauntlets).

When you finish to collect all the available loot, go back up the ramp and activate the control console. Cerberus will cut power to the console, so now you need to reactivate it. Enemies will spawn from a long distance off and will tend to approach you across the open courtyard.  Hold your position, once 10 or more Cerberus operatives are killed, they will pull back. Head across the courtyard to your starting position to find both power modules. There you will find a small opposing force, composed of a Centurion and an Assault Trooper. Once you are ready, reactivate both modules.

Return to the courtyard to face more Cerberus opposition, this time some Guardians will spawn. You now have to reach the console and activate it. You can attempt to do it while under enemy fire, or do it after eliminating the opposing force. 

Activating the console, leads you to a scene with a Cerberus cruiser and the mission will end.


Enemies found on N7: Cerberus Attack


N7: Cerberus Attack Rewards


N7: Cerberus Attack Notes & Tips

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