New Game Plus in Mass Effect 3 is used to restart the story after completing the full playthrough of the game, but all Mass Effect 3 characters will gain certain bonuses and the player will have some new advantages in the new game compared from the very first gameplay. The New Game Plus gives the choice to utilize a similar mechanic as Mass Effect 2 Transfer File because it also works with save files where the player can import existing Mass Effect 3 characters or create new ones.


New Game Plus Information

Is there NG+?

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition features New Game Plus across all three games of the Mass Effect trilogy. Similar to its original version, Mass Effect 3, new game plus becomes available after beating the game on your first run, which requires you to complete the main campaign (story) of the game.

How do I unlock NG+?

As mentioned, players will need to beat and complete the main campaign (story) of the game on their first run.

Can I import my Shepard?

Yes, having completed the game in your first run,  you can re-import your Shepard and replay the game.

How do I Import or start NG+?

On the main menu, choose NEW GAME > IMPORT ME3 CHARACTER > And then choose the save file you want to import for NG+. From here, you can either continue to start a new game with the same facial features of your Commander Shepard, or tweak it as you prefer.

What is Carried Over?

Upon starting a new game with NG+, these are the following features that are carried over to your second and subsequent playthroughs:

  • All acquired/unlocked Armor.
  • Reputation, Paragon & Renegade stats.
  • Current level and you skill points that can be reassigned.
  • Collectables (Fish & Model Ships) that were previously acquired.
  • Credits (Currency/Money) that you ended with will be carried over.
  • All Weapons and Weapon Mods. But take note that mods needs to be re-equipped.
  • War Assets and Intel Terminal upgrades will not be imported and must be reacquired.

What are the Benefits of NG+?

Mass Effect 3 is packed with a lot of concepts, interactions, solutions, and endings. If you think the choices you made during your first run is the pinnacle of the game, then, you're mistaken. Mass Effect 3 offers multiple branches that heavily affect minor and major moments of the game. So it is highly recommended that you try the story again, use different dialogue, branch out towards new paths to fully uncover the different aspects of the game.

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