Nyreen Kandros

Race Turian
Health 500
Shield 500
Class n/a
Unique Class Turian Huntress
Weapon Proficiencies
Heavy Pistols
Assault Rifles
Powers Overload
Lift Grenade
Biotic Protector

Nyreen Kandros is a Companion for Mass Effect 3. Nyreen Kandros can fight alongside Commander Shepard. Nyreen Kandros is proficient in the following Weapons: Heavy Pistols, Assault Rifles; Nyreen Kandros is also capable of the following Powers: OverloadIncinerateLift Grenade, and Biotic Protector.


Nyreen Kandros Information

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How to Recruit Nyreen Kandros


Nyreen Kandros Proficiencies

Nyreen Kandros has the following proficiencies:


Nyreen Kandros Class Information

Class Power Ranks

Rank 1: Turian Huntress

  • Health and Shield Bonus: 15%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 15%

Rank 2: Durability & Damage

  • Health and Shield Bonus: 30%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 30%

Rank 3: Durability & Damage

  • Health and Shield Bonus: 45%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 45%

Rank 4: Weapon Damage or Durability

Weapon Damage

  • Increase weapon damage by 30%.


  • Health and Shield Bonus: 75%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 45%

Rank 5: Biotic Damage or Teach Upgrade

  • Increase biotic power damage by 30%.
  • Increase tech power damage by 30%.

Rank 6: Squad Power Damage or Power Damage

Squad Power Damage

  • Increase the damage of the squad's tech and biotic powers by 20%.

Power Damage

  • Health and Shield Bonus: 45% (Weapon Damage), 75% (Durability)
  • Power Damage Bonus: 75%


Nyreen Kandros Powers

Nyreen Kandros has the following Powers.


Nyreen Kandros Notes and tips

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