Type Organic
Faction Cerberus
Monomolecular Blade,
Palm Blaster
Abilities Tactical Cloak, Spherical Barrier, Impale

Phantom is an Enemy in Mass Effect 3. Phantom will attack Commander Shepard and his Companions when they see them. Phantom is a Organic, and belongs to the  Cerberus. They are often equipped with the following weapons:  Monomolecular Blade,
Palm Blaster. Enemies in Mass Effect 3 are the primary obstacles in Missions and Side Missions, and they grant Commander Shepard and the squad Experience Points once defeated.


Phantom Description

Phantoms are the close-quarters assassins of the Cerberus military force. Equipped with Monomolecular Blade and the Palm Blaster, they are extremely evasive and quick at firing from cover. Their monomolecular blades' melee stabs can instantly kill enemies, or destroy shields and health extremely fast. Their right gauntlets are also capable of shooting kinetic projectiles with high accuracy. 

Phantoms possess the Tactical Cloak ability which allows them to briefly gain a window of time to recover from injuries and emerge with an abrupt attack.  


Phantom Combat Info

The best way to avoid the Phantoms' damage is to maintain a long distance and fire at her. 

Powers such as Warp and Incinerate will force the Phantom to dodge away, giving you a window of opportunity to gain distance. 


Phantom Weapons & Abilities


  • Monomolecular Blade
  • Palm Blaster



Phantom Location

Phantom can be found at:



Phantom Missions

Phantom appears during the following Missions:

  • __mission1__
  • __mission2__


Notes and tips

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