Priority: Geth Dreadnought is a Mission in Mass Effect 3. Missions serve as the main quests of the game. Completing Missions progresses the story and is the key to beating the campaign.



General Information

Previous: Priority: Perseus Veil

Next: Rannoch: Admiral Koris or Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons

Locations: Geth Dreadnought, Tikkun System


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Priority: Geth Dreadnought Full Walkthrough

Getting Started

This Mission is acquired automatically upon the conclusion of Priority: Perseus Veil.

If Tali survived the events of Mass Effect 2, she will automatically join you as a squadmate on this mission meaning you will only have one other slot for choosing a squadmate. However, Tali will be especially useful during this mission as she has the Energy Drain and Sabotage skills which are invaluable against the Geth. If you have Energy Drain as a bonus power, it is highly recommended you equip it for this mission. Other considerations to make is bringing either EDI, Garrus, Ashley or Kaidan, as all of them have great anti-shield capabilities. Note that Tali is not alive, you will be guided through the mission by Admiral Xen but she will not join you as a squadmate.

When ready, head for the Tikkun system and dock at the Geth Dreadnought.


The mission opens to a cutscene as the Normandy warps into a massive battle, weaving in between Geth and Quarian ships. Before being able to dock, EDI informs the team that all but one docking tube is secured and Shepard will have to go on a spacewalk alone to secure the docking area. Make your way through the tube, trudging along around the edges to avoid debris. Once you reach the end, the tube will detach, forcing you to find another tube for the team to join you.

Proceed down the first path, get up on the ledge and follow it left for a Shotgun Smart Choke upgrade. Get back on the ledge and follow it to the right and around the corner to a ladder. Proceed up the ladder and through the airlock on the right. Turn left and inspect the terminal to salvage Geth Data for 1,875 Credits then head back to the path in front of the airlock and up the ladder on the right. Inspect the Docking Controls terminal to trigger a scene where you are reunited with your team. Tali will attempt to get the door open and will leave an Arc Pistol next to the terminal which you can pick up.

Move forward until you reach the terminal. Examine the left panel for GARDIAN Battery data and then pick up the Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope on the right. Follow the walkway around and activate the Bridge Controls terminal. As soon as you do, you are engaged by Geth Troopers from across the bridge. These are just standard fodder units that have no shields nor do they employ any special tactics. Defeat all the hostiles and follow the path and head down the ladder at the end.

At the bottom are more troopers, as well as Geth Rocket Troopers. These are shielded Geth with rocket launchers that home in on targets. It's possible to dodge the rockets but beware of getting caught in tight spaces. Be careful when moving through this area as there are several trip mines on the ground. You can shoot them to detonate them from a safe distance. In case you do trip one, perform a dodge roll to the side. They may be difficult to see against the terrain but they do create an audible sound when tripped. At the end of the path is another terminal with more Geth Data to salvage for 2,500 Credits. Head for the door opposite the terminal.

In the next room, examine the Signal Console on the right for some details on the Reaper signal, then pick up the Archon Visor Helmet at the end of the terminal. Continue on and examine the other Signal Console on the left for more info and chatter from the squad. The next room contains a Network Console you can examine for more squad chatter. Turn left and pick up the Geth Pulse Rifle atop the crates. Head past the door to get to the Operations Center where another fight ensues.

You will be faced with Geth Hunters which are specialized infantry capable of cloaking and sneaking up on targets and blasting them with shotgun fire. Hunters are equipped with moderate shields and health and are nearly invisible while cloaked except for a faint outline. Moreover, they cannot be targeted by Powers while cloaked but you can bypass this restriction by hitting them with weapons fire first. This set of Hunters will be supported by Troopers who can be Sabotaged by Tali to provide some support fire. If available, you can prop her Defense Drone nearby to prevent getting jumped as they will automatically stun a Hunter as soon as they decloak to attack. Beware of moving around the room as there are trip mines planted all over. It's probably safest to stay near the door you enter the room through. Once all threats have been eliminated, move to the back of the room towards the row of consoles. Pick up the SMG Scope in the middle and examine the right-most console for some Geth Data worh 1,250 Credits and then use the console next to it.

Tali will reveal that the Geth had locked down the Reaper signal and you will need to get to the Drive Core in order to shut it down. She creates a fake thermal warning to get the systems to open maintenance tubes, giving you a path to the Drive Core. As soon as she does, Geth Troopers and Hunters begin flooding the room as you are thrust into another battle. Once all hostiles are eliminated, head for the back of the room and take the left path. Bypass the door and follow the walkway to the left and head down the ladder. Keep moving left and take a second ladder down another level. The console on the left will have some Geth Data worth 1,250 Credits. Go down one final ladder and head for the airlock, picking up the Med Kit on the way.

You arrive at the Main Battery. As soon as you enter the main walkway, a shockwave comes zipping by. This is a result of the Dreadnought's main weapons firing. Get into cover quickly as this will be a persistent threat in this area. The shockwave will deplete your shields instantly unless you are in cover. There is plenty of time in between shots to weave from cover to cover as you move along the large corridor. You will be assaulted by waves of Geth Troopers and Rocket Troopers as you attempt to move along the battery. Watch your timing as you get out of cover and note that the Geth are susceptible to the shockwaves as well. If they are hit with their shields down, they will get stunned for a considerable amount of time, enough for you to land a finishing blow. Keep moving along the walkway and you will eventually reach a lowered platform on the left with a console you can examine for Geth Data worth 1,250 Credits. Head back the main path and move along until Tali calls out the Maintenance Lock. Activate the console and then sprint down the tube and escape to the left as it will slowly charge a shockwave that will instantly kill you.

Back on the main battery walkway, you are engaged by more Geth. Eliminate them all and head towards the ladder to a catwalk in the distance. Head up and drop down the other side of the catwalk as you fight another wave of Geth. At the end of this path, take a left up the ramp to an upper platform and then bypass the door. This next room has an elevator platform in the middle, but go around to the right first to pick up the Geth Dara worth 1,875 Credits. Get on the platform and activate the controls to trigger a scene in which a couple of Geth troopers shoot rockets at the platform. Run towards Tali before the platform collapses. Move around the walkway and up the ladder at the end. Pick up the Med Kit then head through the door at the end.

Another cutscene reveals the Reapers have captured Legion and are using its network architecture to broadcast the signal to the Geth. If Legion had not survived the events of Mass Effect 2, or if it was sold to Cerberus, Geth VI will take its place here. Releasing it should power shut down the signal. Legion points you towards the hardware blocks powering the restraints. When you regain control, pick up the Assault Rifle Precision Scope to your right and the Geth Data worth 2,500 Credits on the console to the left and back of the drive core. Make your way to the upper platform and release Legion from its restraints and it will shut down the drive core. Geth reinforcements will then begin flooding the room leading to another fight.

This fight will include Geth Prime units, which are heavily armored and shielded infantry equipped with a pulse cannon that can take out shields in 1 or 2 hits. They are also capable of summoning Combat Drones and Geth Turrets, but like the other Geth, they are susceptible to Sabotage, giving you a powerful ally for short periods. Once you've eliminated all hostiles, return to the main floor of the drive core for a quick scene with Legion.

With the barriers and weapons down, the Quarian fleet begin assaulting the Dreadnought, despite your team still being on board. Legion calls for a quick evacuation. Despite the urgency of the situation, you can take your time here and the mission will not fail. Simply follow Legion through the linear path towards the hangar as the ship collapses around you. The mission comes to a close as the squad makes a getaway on a Geth Fighter piloted by Legion while the Dreadnought goes down in a fiery blaze.



Back on the Normandy, Shepard reports to Hackett and then proceeds to diffuse a confrontation amongst the admirals concerning Admiral Gerrel's premature attack on the Dreadnought. Shortly after, Legion walks in as Admiral Raan attempts to persuade Shepard into letting her study it. Choosing to defend Legion here will lead to a Paragon Interrupt forcing the admiral to stand down. The group then discusses the next step which is finding the Reaper base's location. Legion needs some time locating the base. In the meantime, you are given the missions Rannoch: Admiral Koris and Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons. Completing either one is required in order to begin Priority: Rannoch.



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