Priority: The Citadel I is a Mission in Mass Effect 3. Missions serve as the main quests of the game. Completing Missions progresses the story and is the key to beating the campaign.



General Information

Previous: Priority: Mars

Next: Priority: Palaven

Locations: The Citadel


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Priority: The Citadel I Full Walkthrough

Getting Started

This mission is acquire automatically after the conclusion of Priority: Mars.

The mission begins with a long cutscene as Sherpard reports to Admiral Hackett about the events on Mars and the makings of a plot by Cerberus to secure a powerful and destructive weapon of Promethean origin. You are to leave the Solar System and travel to The Citadel to report your findings and get medical assistance for your injured companion. While these objectives are the only requirement for completing the mission, this is a prime opportunity to explore the Citadel, do some shopping and interact with some NPCs. There are even characters you can acquire as crew members for the Normandy.


After the lengthy cutscene and getting acquainted with Commander Bailey, head for the lounge behind you and speak with Diana Allers. Diana is a war correspondent for Alliance News Network attempting to join the crew of the Normandy. Oblige her to acquire her as a War Asset, boosting your Effective Military Strength which is a key mechanic in Mass Effect 3 that will affect the story's culmination and Endings. After you send Diana to your ship, you can also speak with Avina to learn more about the area. You can find Avina in the other locations throughout the Citadel as well and she will give you information on each area.

Head through the security checkpoint then take the lift up and make your way to the Huerta Memorial Hospital to check on the wounded Ashley or Kaidan. In the hospital lobby, you can speak with Dr. Chakwas and Dr. Michel from the previous games to get reacquainted. Dr. Chakwas will want to rejoin you on the Normandy and you can oblige her to acquire her as your ship's doctor. Alternatively, you can tell Dr. Chakwas to stay in the labs, opening a position for Dr. Michel to become the ship's doctor instead. You can then gain Dr. Chakwas as a War Asset. There is a Sirta Supplies console in the lobby where you can purchase Medi-gel upgrades and a gift for your wounded companion if you so choose. This must be done before you visit them. You can purchase either The Collected Alfred Tennyson book for Ashley or the TM-88 Peruvian Whiskey for Kaidan to elicit a positive response and a boost in relationship points. You can check on your comrade by going through the main door and the ward to the right of the second room. Head back to the lift when you're ready to move on.

Take the lift to the Citadel Embassy and from the main hall, you can head up the stairs on the right to find the C-Sec office where a scene plays out with Commander Baily and the Westerlund News reporter Khalisa al-Jilani whom you may remember from the previous games. After being kicked out of his office, she turns to Shepard implying that she wants a word with you later on. Speak to Baily for some background on himself and the Citadel. You can also check out the Spectre office next door and the Spectre Requisitions store to purchase some items if you wish. If you missed some items during the previous missions, they can be purchased here for credits. The Spectre office also has a firing range on the right.

When ready, head back out to the hallway and enter the Earth Councilor's Office. You are told the Council is already in session and you are transported to the Council hall. You make your report and reveal that you have the blueprints for the Prothean weapon, but it is incomplete and missing a component. Liara assists you in convincing the Council to work together and bring the weapon to completion. The councilors conclude that they will consider convening regarding the matter once they have secured their borders and Udina asks you to meet him in his office as the council comes to a close. 

At Udina's office, he expresses his dissatisfaction with the council as the Turian Councilor walks in on your conversation. He informs you about Primarch Fedorian, who was preparing to call a war summit but was caught in the Reaper attack on the planet of Palaven, and with whom the Council has lost contact since. He proposes you rescue the Primarch in a bid to get him to convince the Council to unite and assist with building the Prothean weapon. After the conversation, the Councilor reinstates Sherpard's Spectre status, promising the wealth of Spectre resources being afforded to him. When you regain control, you can speak to Udina once more if you wish to glean more info about the Citadel or the Councilors and any angles you can take to gain favor.

Returning to the Embassies' lobby, you can find Khalisa who has some questions for you. There is an Interrupt chance here with either Paragon or Renegade options. Choose the Paragon Interrupt to acquire her as a War Asset. From Khalisa, take the path left to find a Volus diplomat speaking to a Turian and a Human. You can acquire the Side Mission "Shrike Abyssal: Prothean Obelisk" from here. At this point, you should have covered all the things you can do at the Citadel for now so you can head back to your ship.

Upon returning to the Normandy, you are transported into a peculiar dream sequence. You are in a ghostly forest and you see the child from Priority: Earth running away. Catch up to him a couple of times and you will see him burst into flames as the sequence ends and you wake up on the ship. You are greeted by Liara who further drives the point home that you have no choice but to rescue the Primarch. You are then introduced to Specialist Traynor who briefs you on your ship's status and gives you a quick tour via datapad. After a quick recap with Admiral Hackett, the mission comes to a close and you are given free rein of the Normandy for the first time.


Next Mission:  Priority: Palaven


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