Priority: Tuchanka is a Mission in Mass Effect 3. Missions serve as the main quests of the game. Completing Missions progresses the story and is the key to beating the campaign.



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Locations: Tuchanka


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Priority: Tuchanka Full Walkthrough

Getting Started

This mission is acquired automatically after the conclusion of Priority: Sur'Kesh. However, it cannot be started until the completion of either Attican Traverse: Krogan Team or Tuchanka: Turian Platoon which are also acquired after the events of Priority: Sur'Kesh, as Mordin Solus needs some time to perform tests on Eve and synthesize a cure for the Genophage.

Important: After the completion of Priority: Tuchanka, several Side Missions will expire and become permanently unavailable for the rest of the game. Several NPC interactions at The Citadel will become unavailable as well. If you are interested in Side Missions at all, take the time to do these now. The following is a list of Side Missions and NPC interactions that are affected by the completion of this mission:

After completing either Attican Traverse: Krogan Team or Tuchanka: Turian Platoon, you will be approached by Mordin on the Normandy. He concludes that the best way to transmit the cure is to use the Shroud, a tower built by Salarians to fix the atmosphere of Tuchanka, also used by the Turians to spread the Genophage virus many years back, ending the Krogan rebellion. Wrex acknowledges the plan as their best shot at curing his people's affliction and Mordin makes preparations to bring Eve to the Shroud.

Note that Mordin and Wrex are used in this walkthrough for the roles of Salarian scientist and Urdnot Clan leader respectively. If Mordin dies in Mass Effect 2, he is replaced by Padok Wiks. If Wrex dies in the first game, Wreav takes his place and another Krogan, Jorgal Thurak takes on Wreav's role in this mission instead.

When ready, chart a course for Tuchanka and pick the Shroud Facility NavPoint to begin the mission.


The mission opens to a cutscene with Joker indicating that the landing zone is occupied by hostiles. Shepard calls a meeting in the War Room where it is revealed that a new form of Reaper is using the Shroud to poison the atmosphere of Tuchanka. The group decides to create a distraction by having the Krogans engage the new Reaper on the ground while Turian forces provide air support, paving the way for a small team to infiltrate the Shroud along with Mordin and Eve. After the meeting, a private message comes in for Shepard. You are contacted by Dalatrass Linron who happens to know the course of action you are about to take. She reveals that Salarian operatives had sabotaged the Shroud many years prior in order to prevent the dispersal of a cure, were one to be synthesized. She dangles the promise of sending her Salarian scientists to help build the Crucible as well as the full support of their fleet, provided Shepard prevents Mordin from finding out about the malfunction and leaving the Krogan to believe he had fulfilled his promise of helping them get cured. During the shuttle ride to Tuchanka's surface, you have the option to reveal to the team about the sabotage, but you will be interrupted by an explosion rocking the shuttle and subsequently a message from Urdnot Wreav saying that the assembly point is under Reaper attack.

When you regain control, you are thrust into combat immediately with waves of Husks swarming the area. You need to cull the horde to make a path for Eve and Mordin. Once all Husks are dead, a cutscene ensues in which the group is met by Urdnot Wreav and his troops who are belligerent towards the presence of a Salarian scientist on Tuchanka. Tensions rise between Wrex and Wreav until Eve intervenes, calling for the Krogan to unite against the Reapers and fight for a future for their children. The team and the Krogan forces travel towards the Shroud via convoy. You will get another chance to reveal the sabotage and the Dalatrass' offer. The choice you make here will come into play during the mission's conclusion. The convoy stops a short distance from the Shroud. 

When you regain control, take some time to search the area for some items and upgrades. To your left on the ground is a Med Kit. There is another one further left next to the Krogan standing by the railing. Learning against the same railing is a Graal Spike Thrower Shotgun. Speaking to the Krogan reveals he is the owner of the shotgun and he wants trophies from whatever you kill with it. This has no bearing on anything and is simply included for flavor. Back in the middle of the road, there is a Krogan inspecting the tires of one of the Tomkah vehicles. You can pick up the Death Mask Helmet, Shotgun Smart Choke and Pistol Melee Stunner on either side of him. There is also a Pistol Magazine Upgrade to the left of the frontmost vehicle. Speak to the Krogan scout further to the left of this vehicle to continue on. The cutscene shows Shepard radioing the Turian air support squad to delay engaging the Reaper but it is too late as they've begun their attack. A Turian fighter ship crashes into the convoy, prompting Shepard to have the Krogan move on as your squad finds another way.

Head for the opening on the right which leads into some catacombs. Head down the main steps after your team switches on their flashlights and make a left to a doorway, jumping into the hall below. There are doors on both the left and right side of this hall. Take the left door first and find the Krogan mural on the right wall which you can salvage for a massive 8,500 Credits. Head back out and take the other door leading you downstairs. Shepard radios the Krogan group regarding the tremors as Eve says there is word that Kalros, the mother of all Thresher Maws lives in this region. Fittingly, you will come across another Krogan mural shortly after, this one depicting a menacingly large thresher maw. You can salvage the mural for 8,250 Credits. Head opposite of the mural and look for a tunnel on the left. There will be another mural on the right wall here worth another 8,250 Credits. Continue along the tunnels and you will eventually come across a staircase leading up with a Ravager corpse just before it. Examining the corpse leads to a short cutscene with Shepard speaking to Wrex over comms. Head up the stairs back to the surface and another conversation with the Krogan ensues, as the camera pans over the scene showing some greenery hinting at the planet's former beauty.

As you move forward, Reaper forces drop in from the sky and you will be faced with waves of Cannibals and Ravagers. You can maintain your distance or attempt to flank them using passages around the ruins but keep your squadmates propped behind cover to prevent them from charging and dying. Another tremor will destroy parts of the bridge ahead, but you can simply hop over. There is another wave of Cannibals and Husks to deal with, along with a Brute. Once you've neutralized them, continue along the path heading left. Tread across the ruins and prepare for another fight with more Cannibals, Ravagers and Husks. There is plenty of cover here so take your time and play safe if the enemy numbers are proving difficult.

After the battle, head for the second bridge and you will see the convoy pass by with a creature chasing behind them in the sand. It's Kalros, the queen thresher maw from the conversation earlier. She damages part of the bridge as she passes through but you can simply jump across the gap. Continue on past the bridge and you will reach a memorial area of sorts, surrounded by several Krogan statues and a group of Cannibals and Husks waiting for you. Shortly, a Marauder will come in from the left side as well. After defeating the enemies, look around to the left side of the memorial for an SMG Scope below one of the statues. Go around to where the Marauder came from, and you will se the same mural depicting Kalros on the wall here (cannot be salvaged). Look to the left and hop up the ledge for an Assault Rifle Extended Barrel and then head for the path on the right leading down to the dunes. This triggers a cutscene in which Shepard and team board Wrex's truck as Kalros drags Wreav's unit under the sand. The team arrives at the foot of some ruins in the vicinity of the Reaper. A discussion  ensues and Eve devises a plan to bring Kalros to the Reaper to distract it by using the Maw Hammers located around the Shroud. Meanwhile, Mordin and Eve will head for the nearby lab to finish synthesizing the cure. If you had previously saved Maelon's genophage research data and revealed the sabotage during the convoy ride, Wrex will exchange words of appreciation for Shepard and you can use a Paragon Interrupt to shake his hand. He stays behind as a group of Ravagers close in on the group.

After the cutscene, you are thrust into battle atop the ruins with some Cannibals. Wrex radios in to say he'll help raise the hammers while you are preoccupied. After dealing with the enemies, head up the stairs on your left and pick up the M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol on the left. Head for the path on the right and you will find a bridge. The Reaper will destroy the bridge as you attempt to cross, sending you crashing down below. Move toward the Reaper and weave in from cover to cover in between its shots. Once you reach the center area, the Turian air team will swoop in, drawing the Reaper's fire. Brutes will then begin to spawn in the area and will continue to do so until both hammers are activated. It's best not to engage them and instead make a run for both hammers on either side of the area, taking care not to be crushed by the Reaper's leg stomps. The stomps are telegraphed by shadows on the landscape so you can easily avoid them. Once both hammers are activated, a cutscene triggers and Shepard sends his squadmates back to safety and a battle between the Reaper and Kalros ensues. The Reaper proves no match for the thresher maw matriarch and is dragged below the planet's surface.

Shepard arrives at the facility as Mordin is attempting to stabilize the facility which is coming apart from the Reaper attacks earlier. There are several outcomes to the conclusion of this mission, depending on choices you've made.

During the conversation with Mordin, he will update you on Eve's status:

  • If you saved Maelon's Research Data in Mass Effect 2, Eve will have survived the procedure.
  • If you destroyed the data, Eve will have died while synthesizing the cure. This is the default outcome if you did not import a save from Mass Effect 2.

The next outcome has to do with the cure itself:

  • Warning the group about the sabotage during the convoy ride will cause Mordin to reverse the sabotage and immediately ascend the tower, giving his life to disperse the cure.
  • If both Wrex and Eve are alive, not warning the group about the sabotage will have Mordin catching on anyway. You can choose to come clean about the Dalatrass' offer here, otherwise Mordin will deduce it and come to the correct conclusion. Attempting to continue on with the sabotage, you will get a chance at a Renegade Interrupt on Mordin, causing Shepard to gun him down and leaving the cure sabotaged. Ignoring the Interrupt will have Mordin reverse the sabotage and dispersing the cure while giving his life in the process.
  • If Wrex and Eve are both dead, and you have not revealed the sabotage, you can persuade Mordin to abandon the mission, leaving the sabotage intact, fooling the Krogan into believing the genophage had been cured. This is the only scenario where Mordin lives and he becomes a War Asset for the Crucible project.

The mission comes to a close with another forest dream sequence which is identical to the first except for different dialogue. You awaken to a short conversation with Liara and then the Salarian Councilor and are rewarded 25,000 Credits as well as Krogan and Turian War Assets.


Next Mission: Priority: The Citadel II


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