Prologue: Earth is a Mission in Mass Effect 3. Missions serve as the main quests of the game. Completing Missions progresses the story and is the key to beating the campaign.



General Information

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Locations: Earth


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Key Items

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Prologue: Earth Full Walkthrough

Getting Started

This mission is acquired automatically upon beginning the game.

After the introductory scene, you are introduced to Admiral David Anderson and briefed on the situation at hand. There are a few dialogue choices you can make to earn some Morality Points and there is a brief scene with either Kaidan or Ashley depending on choices you made in Mass Effect (if carrying a save over) or during Character Creation. Soon, a Reaper attack commences on the city and you are thrust into action.


Once you gain control of Shepard, follow Anderson along the building exterior and follow the on-screen prompts serving as tutorials for the basic controls. Soon, Anderson will call out the Husks scaling the walls in front of you, promptly shooting at them and asking you to do the same. After eliminating the Husks, climb down the ladder and follow the path to the next building's roof where another group of Husks can be seen attempting to breach. Fire off a few shots and you will eventually run out of ammo, forcing you to get up close and personal. After killing the final Husk, the Reaper in the distance traces a laser beam across the building, opening up a path for you.

Inside the building, open the Med Kit amongst the rubble. As you approach the door in the next room, a Husk will attempt to claw at you. Follow the onscreen prompt for a Heavy melee kill. A cutscene plays out involving a child in the vents with a dialogue option. Whatever you choose, the child disappears soon after as you follow Anderson across the wreckage. After regaining control, pick up the ammo and reload your weapon, then follow Anderson out the window and around the corner. As you make your way, you can see a ship getting destroyed by Reaper fire in the distance. The resulting shockwave destroys the platform you're on, forcing you down to the lower levels. Proceed through the wreckage and you will come across two Alliance soldiers as a cutscene plays out introducing a new enemy type, the Cannibals. These monstrosities are former Batarians that have been mutated by Reaper technology. Cannibals fight using their arm cannons and grenades, and as the name implies, they can cannibalize corpses to regain health and a layer of armor that needs to be shot off before they can be damaged again. 

After defeating the first three Cannibals, speak with the soldiers who inform you of a radio in their gunship. Head across the makeshift bridge and turn left, keeping an eye out for the Med Kit among the wreckage on the right. Around the corner is another encounter with more Cannibals. Note that they will now make use of grenades to force you out of cover. It shouldn't take much to dispatch the Cannibals. Make you way across to where the Cannibals came from and you will find an M-8 Avenger assault rifle among the corpses. Equip it and pick up the radio nearby to begin the final encounter of the mission.

You will be faced with more waves of Cannibals as you wait for help to arrive. This encounter is scripted to end as you run out of ammo, with the Normandy SR-2 arriving promptly to finish off the rest of the enemies. As the cutscene plays, Shepard jumps onto the ship, reuniting with either Kaidan or Ashley. Anderson chooses to stay behind to fight on Earth, reinstating Shepard as Commander. As the Normandy makes its way out of Earth, the mission closes to a scene is beset with tragedy, setting the stage for the events ahead.


Next Mission:  Priority: Mars 

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