Rannoch: Admiral Koris is a Mission in Mass Effect 3. Missions serve as the main quests of the game. Completing Missions progresses the story and is the key to beating the campaign.



General Information

Previous: Priority: Geth Dreadnought

Next: Priority: Rannoch

Locations: Rannoch


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Rannoch: Admiral Koris Full Walkthrough

Getting Started

This mission is acquired after the conclusion of Priority: Geth Dreadnought

Completing either this mission or Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons is a prerequisite for starting Priority: Rannoch. You can complete both quests before starting Priority: Rannoch. Otherwise, the remaining quest becomes permanently unavailable.

Just like Priority: Geth Dreadnought, you will be facing Geth synthetics primarily. Bringing along squadmates with Powers that make quick work of shields is highly favorable.

When ready, head for Rannoch and choose the Quarian Escape Pod NavPoint.


The mission opens to a conversation with Admiral Xen regarding the importance of Admiral Koris to the civilian fleet. She later reveals Koris had crash-landed near a Geth jamming tower which must be disabled in order to contact him. As the shuttle closes in on the tower, it is bombarded by nearby antiaircraft guns, forcing Shepard and squad to disable them on foot before Cortez can disable the jamming tower.

Follow the narrow path ahead of you around some cliffs. You will eventually come across a downed escape pod with a Geth Trooper and Geth Pyro facing away from you. You should be able to take out the trooper immediately whilst it is unaware but the Pyro is heavily shielded and armored, and will take a considerable amount of effort to take down. The Pyro is equipped with the M-451 Firestorm heavy weapon which has a fairly limited range but easily removes shields and deals significant damage to health. It is advised to maintain a healthy distance when engaging these dangerous foes. After engaging these first two Geth, a couple more will appear from behind the wreckage. Once they're all down, take the path right of where you entered the area. There is a dead Geth just around the corner and you can salvage its parts for 2,500 Credits. Drop down from there and inspect the dead Quarian's corpse and then salvage the wreckage on the right for another 2,500 Credits.

Heading forward, beware of the trip mines in the next area. You may want to clear them from a distance as the pathways can be too narrow to avoid them. Pick up the Javelin Sniper Rifle next to the first trip mine you encounter. Continue on ahead and look to your right for a large area below where two pairs of Geth Troopers and Geth Rocket Troopers are patrolling. You can take them out at range from up here before heading down. Once you move down there, a few more troopers will drop in. After eliminating them all, follow the path left of the crashed escape pod which leads to the first AA Gun installation. Engage the initial set of enemies around the AA Gun and prepare for reinforcements dropping in. Once all hostiles are eliminated, look around the area for valuables. There is some Geth Technology atop some crates at the opposite end of the AA Gun controls. You can salvage these for 3,750 Credits. Just before the controls, there is a Geth Spitfire Heavy Weapon on a crate to the right. This will be quite useful on the heavily armored Geth Prime units that you will encounter shortly.

Examine the AA Controls and you will need to choose one of your squadmates to bring it down as Shepard and the other squadmate defend the area from incoming Geth. The first wave will consist of Troopers, Rocket Troopers and the aforementioned Geth Prime. After dealing with them, your squadmate will have finished taking down the AA Gun and will promptly rejoin you. Another wave of Geth will drop in, this time with a couple of Geth Hunters. It's probably a good idea to drop the Spitfire and return to your standard weapons as these enemies move too quickly to properly aim at with the heavy weapon. Once they're down, proceed toward the hill the came from and look to the left for a Med Kit and an Asssault Rifle Magazine Upgrade.

In the next area, you can pick up a Shotgun Shredder Mod to the left. Follow the trail of Geth corpses going to the right, picking up the Geth Parts worth 3,750 Credits. In the narrow path at the right side, you will encounter a dying Quarian who served on Koris' ship. He points you towards the jamming tower's location and asks you to contact Koris. Hop up the raised terrain ahead and pick up the SMG Magazine Upgrade on the ground.

Once you reach the jamming station, take the path right and engage the Geth forces. Note that there is a stationary turret near the center of the area which you can make use of later on. After defeating the enemies, head for the back of the area and pick up the Armax Arsenal Chestplate and then examine the AA controls in the corner. Just as before, send one of your squadmates to disable the AA Gun and prepare to defend. Make a run for the turret and use it to mow down the incoming enemies. After defeating the first wave, your squadmate would have finished taking down the AA Gun and a door will open on your right side, with more Geth forces coming in. Remain on the turret and shoot them down through the narrow hallway.  Go through the hallway to the other side where another AA Gun installation is. There will be more Geth forces waiting for you here. Take them out and head left of the hallway exit to pick up the Jamming Tower Data from the terminal on the wall. Now head for the AA Gun controls in the corner and note that there is another turret in the same position in this area. Send a squadmate to deal with the AA Gun and quickly run to the turret and eliminate the incoming waves. Once all hostiles are defeated and the AA Gun is taken down, Shepard signals the shuttle which promptly destroys the jamming tower allowing Koris to contact you.

As the squad boards the shuttle, Shepard converses with Koris over comms. He refuses to give his coordinates and insists that you save his crew who are about to be overrun by Geth, but so is he. With enough Reputation, you can convince Koris to give you his coordinates and save him. It is recommended that you save him if you can as losing him will be a major loss for the war effort causing his Fleet's captains to panick without his leadership. Whoever you decide to save, you will be providing support fire from a turret within the shuttle. Try to destroy the rockets the Geth shoot at you before they hit to minimize damage. Survive long enough until your rescuee is able to board the shuttle and the mission comes to a close.



Back on the Normandy, you will have a brief conversation with Admiral Koris if he survived. He realizes the importance of bringing him back and offers his full support as a War Asset worth 25 strength. Conversely, if he dies, the Quarian Civillian Fleet War Asset will have their military strength reduced by 75.

If the mission is completed before Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons, Admiral Raan will inform you that they have located the Reaper base on Rannoch, allowing you to begin Priority: Rannoch. She will remind you about the Geth fighter squadrons still tearing through the fleet, suggesting you complete Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons to prevent more losses but will oblige if you choose to continue on to the Reaper base. Note that this is the last opportunity to complete the Geth fighter squadrons mission.

Completing this mission before Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons will have you witness an argument between Admiral Raan and Admiral Gerrel. You will have the opportunity to support either admiral which will affect the military strength of the Quarian Heavy Fleet. Supporting Raan reduces the fleet's strength by 10 while supporting Gerrel increases it by 25.


Next Mission: Priority: Rannoch


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