Romance Guide: Diana Allers

Gender Preference Any
Romance Type Short-Term, Fling
Legacy Only No
Romance Scene No

Romance Guide for Diana Allers in Mass Effect 3 features a guide on how to romance and have a relationship with Diana Allers. Romance in Mass Effect 3 helps the players develop a romantic relationship with their desired Companion or NPC. Players will get a chance to interact with them, creating a deeper and meaningful relationship.


Romance Guide: Diana Allers Information

  • Gender Preference: Any (Male or Female)
  • Romance Type: Short-Term, Fling
  • Legacy Only: No
  • Romance Scene: No
  • Unlocks the Paramour Achievement: No



How to Romance Diana Allers

Diana Allers is an Alliance News Network war correspondent who is available to be romanced (fling) for a male or female Commander Shepard, the romance with Diana will not clash with other primary romances. Players will basically need to have a couple of interactions with her, specifically when she interviews you.  You'll first meet Diana upon arriving on the Citadel after Priority: Mars.

Diana will attempt to have an interview with a soldier at the Normandy Dock: Bay D24, approach her and she'll mention that the producers of the show "Battlespace" want her to be aboard a ship and that she wishes to be on the Normandy. When she asks if you can handle it, choose "Let's do a trial run". From here on, she'll be aboard the Normandy and you can find her in the Starboard Cargo Area of the Engineering floor where Zaeed used to found in Mass Effect 2. Visit her at the said area and when she mentions that anything from Earth is the lead story, answer her with "Get us support".

Interviews with Diana

For the first interaction that sparks the idea of a romance, after completing Priority: The Citadel II, which is the second interview in Shepard's cabin. First, visit Diana in her temporary studio where she interviews you. The idea is to go with the interview and to avoid choosing the line to end the interview.

First Interview

  • The question will be about Shepard's thoughts on how people think humanity is starting another Rachni War and Krogan rebellions, choose "This is Krogan redemption".
  • When she asks if you're aware that Clan Urdnot is petitioning the Council for an embassy and rights to a colony world, answer her with "That can be negotiated".

For the next interview is in Shepard's cabin, you'll need to speak to her in her studio and invite her up to the Captain's cabin.

  • She'll first ask you if anywhere is safe, answer her with the paragon line.
  • Next, when she asks how long do you think the new administration will last, answer her with "You can't lose faith."
  • After the interview, she mentions being careful about feeding her so much information and that she'll eventually follow you home. Answer her with "I'm okay with that".

The third interview is after completing the mission, Priority: Rannoch. Visit Diana in her studio and invite her up again to Shepard's cabin.

  • Finish the interview and do not choose the "This interview is over" after you answer the first question.
  • When Shepard asks her if she's about to go file the story, answer her with "Stay the night", followed by "I'll be discreet" to trigger a quick romance scene.




Romance Guide: Diana Allers Notes and Tips

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