Romance Guide: James Vega

Gender Preference Female Shepard
Romance Type Short-Term, Fling
Legacy Only No
Romance Scene No

Romance Guide for James Vega in Mass Effect 3 features a guide on how to romance and have a relationship with James Vega. Romance in Mass Effect 3 helps the players develop a romantic relationship with their desired Companion or NPC. Players will get a chance to interact with them, creating a deeper and meaningful relationship.


Romance Guide: James Vega Information

  • Gender Preference: Female Shepard
  • Romance Type: Short-Term, Fling
  • Legacy Only: No
  • Romance Scene: No
  • Unlocks the Paramour Achievement: No



How to Romance James Vega


Take note that the romance for James Vega doesn't really pit James and Female Shepard in a relationship, it's more of a scene that gives you an idea that the two took fun on the next level. The scene is where the two are seen waking up next to each other after a party in the Citadel DLC. You will need to slightly build up the relationship first if you want to trigger the scene with them next to each other on the bed.

The Citadel DLC

First, you must get to know him more and hear his personal story. So accept his invitation where you go boxing with him and choose dialogue lines that show interest to learn more about his past. Topics such as him taking the N7 program, and getting the tattoo in the Docks: Holding Area.

Once that's all done, head to Shepard's Personal Apartment on the Silversun Strip and use your Personal Terminal to Invite Vega up. During the conversation, choose "Maybe I'm interested in you" when James says he can never tell if you're yankin' his chain or not, this simply shows that you have interest in him.

During the party, you can find James sitting by the couch, talk to him and choose "Support Hook Up", and as the party progresses, you can continue checking up on him and Shepard asks him if he's done with his drinks. Regardless, if you do check up on him or not after speaking to him by the couch, at the end of the party, you'll be treated to a scene where Shepard is in bed with James. James comments about what happened and asks Shepard not to mention it to others, while Shepard says she won't unless he gets up and makes her some eggs.



Romance Guide: James Vega Notes and Tips

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