Romance Guide: Liara T'Soni

Gender Preference Any
Romance Type Long-Term
Legacy Only No
Romance Scene Yes

Romance Guide for Liara T'Soni in Mass Effect 3 features a guide on how to romance and have a relationship with Liara T'Soni. Romance in Mass Effect 3 helps the players develop a romantic relationship with their desired Companion or NPC. Players will get a chance to interact with them, creating a deeper and meaningful relationship.


Romance Guide: Liara T'Soni Information

  • Gender Preference: Any (Male or Female)
  • Romance Type: Long-Term
  • Legacy Only: No
  • Romance Scene: Yes
  • Unlocks the Paramour Achievement: Yes



How to Romance Liara T'Soni

Liara T'Soni is an Asari scientist who made her first appearance is in Mass Effect 1. You'll first meet her during the mission, Priority: Mars, and she'll then be recruited as a Companion as well. If you've imported your save file and use your progress from Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2, there will be additional dialogues and you'll be able to pick up and rekindle that relationship after the events in Priority: The Citadel I - this gives you access to Liara's room that's on the crew deck.

Visiting Liara

After the meeting with the council in the mission Priority: The Citadel I, visit Liara in her room aboard the Normandy and she'll share her concern about the both of you and reminisces as well. At some point, she will ask you if you're still interested in her, choose "I'm interested in you", selecting "Let's just be friends" rejects her and you won't be able to have a relationship with her and have a romance sequence with Liara. From here, make sure to visit her and talk to her when you can, basically, exhaust any cutscene and dialogue sequences with her and answer her with polite, caring lines.

Cutscenes with Liara

One of the lines where you can show that you care for her is when she asks Shepard how he/she does it, you can answer Liara with "It's all for you, of course.". Another scene is when Liara visits Shepard in his/her cabin. Liara shares a plan to preserve data for the future, she shows Shepard a device  (Time Capsule) containing records of the galaxy, archives, and blueprints. She then asks about adding your data in it so that history remembers you and she asks how the future will acknowledge you - choose "I'd like her to decide", followed by "So are you".



How to Lock in Liara T'Soni

Meeting at the Presidium Commons

After the events following Cerberus' attack on the CItadel, Liara will ask you to spend some time with her at the Presidium Commons of the Citadel. Here, she talks about her mother and reminisces about her childhood. The first dialogue to respond when she says she was very young is "Kids are kind of cute", followed by "Tell me about her." when she says she misses her mother. Next, she will tell Shepard that she wishes to spend more time just as friends, respond to her with "I want more than just friends" to show her that you want to take the relationship to the next level - this locks in the relationship with her throughout the game.

Events after Locking-in Liara

Now that you've asked her to be more than just friends, you've confirmed that she will be Shepard's love interest for the entirety of the game, meaning you won't be able to have another relationship with anyone else, besides her. One thing to take note of is that there are additional sequences and interactions with Liara if you own the Leviathan and Citadel DLCs.

Priority: Earth

In the events during the final mission, Priority: Earth, Liara will visit Shepard in your cabin on the Normandy where the Romance Scene will trigger and you'll have your last moments with him before the assault on Cerberus HQ. To make sure that the romance scene is triggered, use the following dialogue lines:

  • When Liara asks if you're ready, respond with "What about you?", followed by "I'm not sure".
  • Next, when Shepard gives Liara a kiss on the cheek, choose "I'm happy with you here".
  • Now, select the dialogue line "I love you." when she tells Shepard that she loves him/her.

If players own the Extended Cut, during the final charge to the conduit beam, a Mako will overturn and land dangerously next to her. If Shepard's EMS is 1,749 or lower, a Harbinger will vaporize Liara with the laser beam. On the other hand, if it is 1,750 or higher, she will just be injured by the Mako and Shepard calls for an emergency extraction where the two will have their final moments.

Ending with Liara

After the firing of the Crucible, Liara will be seen placing Shepard's name on the Memorial Wall. On the other hand, if you picked Destroy and your EMS is 3,100 or more, she will smile and refrain from placing the plaque sensing that Shepard is still alive, and the Normandy is seen flying off.



Romance Guide: Liara T'Soni Notes and Tips

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