Stats in Mass Effect 3 are special conditions that apply to the player character, and sometimes Enemies. Not all Mass Effect 3 Stats are detrimental to the player, with some being instead of the result of Buffs or other beneficial states. You can find how to cure damaging status effects below.


All Stats in Mass Effect 3


Offensive Stats 

Power Damage

It is the amount of damage inflicted on a target with your Powers.

Weapon Damage

Damage is the amount of damage inflicted on a target. First on its shields, and then its health (Minus their Damage Protection on a successful hit).


This attribute controls the size of the aim and the time it takes to stabilize after zooming. Crouching doubles the base accuracy of a weapon.


Melee Damage

The damage of a regular melee attack 

Power Cooldown

Is the amount of time it takes for a Power to be available again.


The character's ability to sprint


Power Recharge Speed

The speed of Power Regeneration after the Power Cooldown

Headshot Damage

The damage of a Headshot





Defensive Stats

Damage Reduction

Reduces incoming damage from all sources.


Shields are rechargeable defensive protections that prevent you from suffering damage.

Barrier (Stat)

Defensive protections much like shields, but can also have offensive abilities. 



The amount of Damage a character can endure before dying. 

Shield Regeneration Rate

Determines how fast Shields become active again after being destroyed




Character & Equipment Stats 

Weight Capacity

Total amount of weight a character can carry


Affects other character's reactions reflected in the dialogue and can carry a Paragon or Renegade point.


Indicates a player's Paragon and Renegade points


Squadmate Status

Indicates Squad's health and powers along with their cooldown status

Ammo Capacity

The number of equipment and ammo a character can carry

Power Stats

Indicates a Power's Damage, radius, duration, and other upgradable features


Armor Stats

Indicates an Armor's defense effectiveness, and other upgradeable features

Weapon Stats

Indicates a Weapon's power, damage, firing rate, and other upgradeable features




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