Thresher Maws

Type Race
Homeworld n/a

Thresher Maws are a Race in Mass Effect 3. Thresher Maws are subterranean carnivores that spend their entire lives eating or searching for something to eat. They are enormous, violent creatures that burst up from the ground without warning when disturbed.. Races in Mass Effect 3 have their own agendas, culture, religion, ways to govern etc. Since Commander Shepard is inevitably Human, the approach of the other Races towards Humanity is most of the time visible for the player. Many of the perceptions some Races used to have may have changed thanks to the efforts of Commander Shepard in the prequels. 


Thresher Maws Information

In2177, on the colony of Akuze, the Alliance made its first contact with the species where contact was lost with the team. Marine units were then sent to investigate and find the Alliance but were discovered to be killed by the hostile creatures.

Thresher maws are solitary creatures; two or three at most can be found on a single planet. They live alone in nests spanning large areas underground. They can grow in excess of 30 meters above the ground, with a body nearly twice that size beneath the surface. The body of an adult thresher maw never entirely leaves the ground; only the head and tentacles erupt from the ground to attack.


Notable Thresher Maws 

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Thresher Maws Notes and Tips

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