Tuchanka: Bomb

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Side Mission




Turian BlackwatchWar Asset

Tuchanka: Bomb is a Side Mission in Mass Effect 3. Tuchanka: Bomb is about landing on Tuchanka to help a Turian platoon prevent Cerberus from detonating a bomb. Side Mission are secondary quests in Mass Effect 3, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


How to unlock Tuchanka: Bomb

  • You have to complete Priority: Turian Platoon first.

  • You acquire this Mission automatically after meeting with the stranded Turian platoon.

  • Keep in mind that once acquired, you have a limited window to accomplish this Mission. If you complete any three other Missions before doing this one, it will no longer be available.


Tuchanka: Bomb Walkthrough

Once you head in, take cover immediately as soon as possible. You will find Assault Troopers and Centurions. Ignore the incoming bombs and concentrate only on the Cerberus troops.

Keep fighting until you reach the ruined building ahead. More troops will appear from the rear, and will tend to concentrate around some powered cover in the mid section, and at another one up on the high ground in the back. 

The moment you reach the mid-section generator, you can head to the far right side and take cover behind a long wall. From there, you will be able to get a clear shot at the rear generator, allowing you to destroy the cover and damaging nearby Enemies.

The explosions and the fighting will cease, so go through the break in the wall and head up the ramp to your left.  You can find an M-29 Incisor on the left hand side, halfway up the ramp to the next door. Now continue through the ramp, and pick up the Shotgun Blade Attachment. You will find more Cerberus resistance once you round the corner. The opposing force is composed of Assault Troopers, Combat Engineers and Guardians, attacking you from behind shield generators. At the end of the hall, you can find the Rosenkov Materials (Gauntlets).

You will find a console at the far left end of the room that nets you 5000 Credits. If you head up the rubble and go around to the left, you will find an SMG Heat Sink on the floor. Head around the corner to meet more Assault Troopers and Centurions. There is also a turret in the back, so be mindful of that. Use shield pylons and generators to your advantage.

Head down the room and when you get past the open pit on your left, you will be able to find a med kit and a Pistol Scope, along the far wall in the next room.

As you climb out of the building, two Cerberus troops are being evacuated; if you are quick enough you can kill them. Across the bridge to where the troops were, you can salvage a datapad to obtain 5000 Credits. Turn around the corner to find even more Assault Troopers waiting for you.

Head up the ramp and take the ladder to your right. Ahead, against the wall, is a Sniper Rifle Concentration Mod. A little farther along, there is a Pistol Melee Stunner. When you make your way down the ramp, there will be more Cerberus soldier fleeing, but the will leave you a parting gift, a turret. Take cover as soon as possible. On the left side, before the turret location, you will be able to salvage Turian Technology for 2500 Credits. There's also a med-kit near a destroyed turret and you can find the Turret Control Schematics, needed to complete Citadel: Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics, up the crates. Continue first around the corner and then down the ladder to trigger a cutscene with Lt. Victus.

You will now have to defend him while defuses the bomb. A few Cerberus troops will be on the ground, and more will arrive by shuttle in small groups. The first three shuttles contain a mix of Assault Troopers and Centurion. Then an Atlas Mech drops in alongside a one last shuttle. You can take advantage of an M-560 Hydra located in the right corner of the map. 

When all Cerberus forces have been dealt with, another cutscene will show you Lt. Victus sacrifing himself to prevent further potential collateral damage of the bomb. The Mission ends.


Enemies found on Tuchanka: Bomb

Tuchanka: Bomb Rewards


Tuchanka: Bomb Notes & Tips

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