Shield Regeneration Rate

Type Defensive Stat
Effect Shield Regeneration Rate is the speed that a damaged shield regenerates

Shield Regeneration Rate is a Stat in Mass Effect 3Stats are usually determined by your Powers and Equipment. They are conditions that can be beneficial or detrimental to players and characters or measurable categories that allow players to gauge the effectiveness of a weapon or ability during gameplay. These stats usually have a visible numerical value and have a method of increase or are indicated by a bar on a player's page. 


Shield Regeneration Rate Effect

Shield Regeneration Rate is the speed that a damaged Shield regenerates. This can be affected by Powers and Amor.


How to improve Shield Regeneration Rate?

When upgraded, a Barrier has the ability to Increase the Shield Regeneration rate by 15% while it is active.

Specific Armor Sets and Armor have the ability to increase the Shield Regeneration Rate when equipped. 



Shield Regeneration Rate Notes and Tips

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