Races in Mass Effect 3 play an important role. There are many Races all over the galaxy, each with its own quirks, culture, language, and political viewpoint. By being a Human, Commander Shepard is often looked down on by many of the Races that inhabit the galaxy because of the youth of humankind in comparison to the other Races. This page covers a list of all the Races in Mass Effect 3.

Can I Choose a Race?

Similar to its predecessors, Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2, players can only play as the titular protagonist, Commander Shepard, who is a human. However, you can choose your Class and background during Character Creation if you didn't import your save file and started a brand new game. On the other hand, many of your Companions throughout the game represent the different Races available in the Mass Effect universe.

Racial Differences

Races differentiate from each other just by their features, from the facial structures, model, and build. Apart from that, you can easily tell as well with their behavior, strengths, and weaknesses - For example, Humans are balanced and good all-around, while Asari are powerful Biotic users and Krogan are more often than not, focused on brute force and survivability.


All Races in Mass Effect 3

Citadel Races














Other Races







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