Armor in Mass Effect 3 protects characters from all damage. At the start of the game, you are given the default N7 Armor. While it's effective in battle, there are different pieces of armor you can acquire while traveling across the galaxy, that may improve different stats that are more that can fit your gameplay style.


The N7 Armor can be customized or swapped out for any of the other armor sets available:

Customization Options

You can change many aspects of the armors mentioned previously such as:

    • Modify tint 1 between a vast array of colors to choose from.
    • Modify tint 2 between a vast array of colors to choose from.
    • Change the color of the armor's lights
    • Change the material
  • Change the pattern.
  • Change the pattern Color

These changes are merely aesthetic and don't improve or worsen the stats provided.


All armor in Mass Effect 3



Armor Gallery





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