Kassa Fabrication Armor

Type Armor Set
Customizable Yes
Effect +30% Shields
+10% Shield Regen Speed

Kassa Fabrication Armor is an Armor Set in Mass Effect 3. Kassa Fabrication Armor grants the followingimproves shields and shield regen speed and can only be used by Commander Shepard. Armor Sets provide players with protection and resistances against all types of damage. Wearing the full set won't grant any additional bonuses but will change the complete character's appearance.


Kassa Fabrication Armor Information

Full Set Effect: 

+30% Shields
+10% Shield Regen Speed


How to get Kassa Fabrication Armor

Kassa Fabrication (Chest)

  • During Priority: Mars, you can find it at the roof of the base when you are to climb the ladder, from your left.

Kassa Fabrication (Shoulders)

  • You can purchase this armor piece in the Cipritine Armory after completion of Priority: Tuchanka.

Kassa Fabrication (Gauntlets)

  • Near the ladders when you are heading to the upper entrance during Priority: Rannoch.

Kassa Fabrication (Greaves)


Best Class for Kassa Fabrication Armor

Kassa Fabrication Armor is best suited for the following Classes:

  • Any


Kassa Fabrication Armor pieces


Notes and tips

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