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Protheans are a Race in Mass Effect 3. Protheans are known to be a historical race that mysteriously vanished over 50,000 years. Not much is known about them, but many of their artifacts, ruins, and technology have apparently survived the ages.. Races in Mass Effect 3 have their own agendas, culture, religion, ways to govern etc. Since Commander Shepard is inevitably Human, the approach of the other Races towards Humanity is most of the time visible for the player. Many of the perceptions some Races used to have may have changed thanks to the efforts of Commander Shepard in the prequels. 


Protheans Information

Little is known regarding where they come from and about their race since it is believed to have been lost to history. However, Protheans are known for their discoveries such as ruins, artifacts, and ancient technology. Some races such as the Hanar worship them and follow their beliefs.

For players who own the Mass Effect 3: From Ashes DLC, Commander Shepard and Liara discover Javik's pod on Eden Prime, and are able to recruit him as a squadmate/companion. Javik is known to be the last surviving member of the Prothean race who was left preserved, in stasis, for over 50,000 years - Javik swears revenge and to kill the last Reaper, responsible for wiping out his people.


Notable Protheans 


Protheans Notes and Tips

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