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Humans are a Race in Mass Effect 3. Humans originate from the planet, Earth, they are the newest sentient species that has entered the galaxy and are most known for rapidly developing and expanding across the system.. Races in Mass Effect 3 have their own agendas, culture, religion, ways to govern etc. Since Commander Shepard is inevitably Human, the approach of the other Races towards Humanity is most of the time visible for the player. Many of the perceptions some Races used to have may have changed thanks to the efforts of Commander Shepard in the prequels. 


Humans Information

In the late 21st century, humans began their exploration on Mars where they discovered a long-ruined Protehan observation post, which included data that proved Protherans had studied Cro-Magnon humans millennia ago. As countless religions tried to identify the data, a sudden global rush began to decipher the petabytes of data from its outpost. Upon discovering the information on a mass relay that orbits Pluto, human explorers were able to open the Charon Relay and discovered it led to Arcturus. With the support of the Systems Alliance, humans went to expand to other systems in the galaxy, with a mission to open any mass relays that were found.

Humans then had an intense conflict with the Turians, which was known to be the "First Contact War" that begun in 2157. This all started when the Turians attacked a human fleet that was attempting to activate a dormant mass relay which was illegal under the Council Law, and later on occupied the human colony of Shaxni.

A second fleet was then led by Admiral Kastanie Drescher and ordered a counter-attack which caught the Turians by surprise and eventually, expelled them from Shanxni. The conflict caught the attention of the Citadel Council and immediately acted in brokering a sense of peace, resulting in humans being introduced to the galactic community. As a consequence of the Alliance's swift and decisive action during the First Contact War, the Alliance became the representative and supranational governing body of humanity. Since then, humans have rapidly risen in prominence.

In the year 2165, the human race was provided an embassy on the Citadel due to its ever-growing power and strong influence across the galactic community. Although it was an achievement for the humans, other races weren't happy with the idea and caused friction towards humans, especially to those who waited for their break - since 2165, the Systems Alliance represented the human race as its embassy on the Citadel. 

As the human race continued to expand across the galaxy, they soon came across the Batarians at the Skyllian Verge. The Batarians tried to reason out with the Council to declare it as the Batarian's territory, but humans prevailed and the Batarians had to close its embassy and withdraw from Citadel space. Batarians then blamed the humans for the failure of their residence, and tensions between the Humans and Batarians persisted for decades.


Notable Humans 


Humans Notes and Tips

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