Kaidan Alenko

kaidan alenko companion default mass effect 3 wiki guide 300px
Race Human
Health 500
Shield 500
Class Vanguard
Unique Class Alliance Officer
Weapon Proficiencies
Heavy Pistols
Assault Rifles
Powers Reave
Cryo Blast

Kaidan Alenko is a Companion for Mass Effect 3. Kaidan Alenko can fight alongside Commander Shepard. Kaidan Alenko is proficient in the following Weapons: Assault Rifles, Heavy Pistols; Kaidan Alenko is also capable of the following Powers: ReaveBarrierOverload, and Cryo Blast.


Kaidan Alenko Information

  • Kaidan Alenko made his first appearance also as a companion in Mass Effect 1.
  • He is a Biotic that is equipped with an "L2" biotic implant that allows his powers to spike higher than most other biotic soldiers at the expense of painful migraines.
  • Kaidan is known to be a "human sentinel" and a Systems Alliance Marine who serves aboard the SSV Normandy and an initial member of Commander Shepard's squad.
  • In Mass Effect 3, (if he is alive), Kaidan is a Major in the Alliance Military and Council Spectre.
  • He is a possible romance interest to either a Male or Female Shepard.


How to Recruit Kaidan Alenko

  • During the events in Mass Effect 1, players will have to choose to him during the mission: Vimire: Assault. If you happen to import your character save file, he can be recruited as a companion.
  • However, if you aren't able to import your character save file, you will be able to choose between who dies in battle, him or Ashley Williams, in the Character Creation section. He can be recruited as a companion after the Prologue.


Kaidan Alenko Proficiencies

Kaidan Alenko has the following proficiencies:


Kaidan Alenko Class Information

Class Power Ranks

Rank 1: Alliance Officer

  • Health & Shield Bonus: 15%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 15%

Rank 2: Damage & Durability

  • Health & Shield Bonus: 30%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 30%

Rank 3: Damage & Durability

  • Health & Shield Bonus: 45%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 45%

Rank 4: Weapon Damage or Durability

Weapon Damage

  • Increase weapon damage bonus by 20%.


  • Health & Shield Bonus: 75%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 45%

Rank 5: Biotic Damage or Tech Damage

  • Increase biotic power damage by 30%.
  • Increase tech power damage by 30%.

Rank 6: Squad Bonus

  • Increase squadmate tech and biotic power damage by 10%; or
  • Increase recharge speed of squadmate's shields by 15%.


Kaidan Alenko Powers

Kaidan Alenko has the following Powers.


Kaidan Alenko Alternate Outfits

Outfits change the appearance or clothing of squadmates and it also adds a passive bonus such as Weapon Damage, Bonus Shields, Power Recharge Speed, and more. By default, each main companion has access to one "Alternate" outfit, but with other DLCs that you own, there are also a couple more alternative outfits to choose from. Players can change the outfits of the companions by accessing the terminal in Shepard's cabin on the Normandy SR-2 or when you are about to leave and choose your companion before starting a Mission.

kaidan alenko companion default mass effect 3 wiki guide 300px
Default Outfit

Outfit Bonus: Power Recharge Speed +25%


kaidan alenko alternate outfit mass effect 3 wiki guide 200px
Alternate Outfit

Outfit Bonus: Power Damage +25%


kaidan alenko from ashes dlc outfit mass effect 3 wiki guide 200px
From Ashes DLC Outfit

Outfit Bonus: Shields +25%


kaidan alenko n7 collectors edition outfit mass effect 3 wiki guide 200px
N7 Collector's Edition Outfit

Outfit Bonus: Weapon Damage +25%


Kaidan Alenko Notes and tips

  • Voice Actor: Raphael Sbarge
  • Face Model: Luciano Costa


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