The Illusive Man

Race Human
Location Cerberus HQ
Related Missions Priority: Cerberus Headquarters

The Illusive Man is an NPC in Mass Effect 3. The Illusive Man is a Human character. NPCs in Mass Effect 3 can interact with Commander Shepard and they may provide information, Weapons, or Items. NPCs also may give Missions in exchange for rewards. Choosing different interactions with NPCs may result in different courses of Mass Effect 3 story.


The Illusive Man Information

The Illusive Man is the elusive, secretive, and well informed leader of Cerberus. The Illusive Man appears to have close-cropped silver-grey hair with "steely blue" eyes that happen to be prosthetics. For countless years, he has been building Cerberus and using his networks and contacts to acheive his goal, to make the human race ascend to the top ranks before other races.

The Illusive Man used to be a normal civilian that has a simple life, a job, and a famiy, but all that changed until the discovery of alien life. Some time after the Battle of Shanxi, an e-mail started to circulate throughout the extranet which contained information, calling out for humans to rise and take their place, by joining forces and harnessing new power from the contact with aliens. The Illusive Man got its name from the Alliance being referred to as an "Illusive Man" for not being able to track the origin of the e-mail.

From there on, Cerberus was founded where he was responsible of breaking those who participated, away from the Alliance Military and eventually, built up shadow operations. He believes that "If humanity is to survive, sacrifices must be made for the greater good. The Alliance doesn't understand this, Cerberus does."


The Illusive Man Location

The Illusive Man can be found in the following Locations:

  • Cerberus HQ


The Illusive Man Related Missions

The following Missions are related to The Illusive Man:


The Illusive Man Notes and tips

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  • Voiced by: Martin Sheen



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