Steve Cortez

Race Human
Location Normandy SR-2
Related Missions
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Steve Cortez is an NPC in Mass Effect 3. Steve Cortez is a Human character. NPCs in Mass Effect 3 can interact with Commander Shepard and they may provide information, Weapons, or Items. NPCs also may give Missions in exchange for rewards. Choosing different interactions with NPCs may result in different courses of Mass Effect 3 story.


Steve Cortez Information

Lieutenant Steve Cortez is an Alliance pilot aboard the Normandy SR-2 in 2186, where he pilots the UT-47A Kodiak that transports Commander Shepard and squad to mission locations. He makes his first appearance in Mass Effect 3 and is a potential romance for a male Commander Shepard - to learn more, check out our Romance Guide: Steve Cortez page.

Cortez is the only child in his family and lost both of his parents years ago. He had a husband named Robert who was stationed at Ferris Fields in 2185, but the Collectors abducted the whole colony and Robert did not escape. While the Collectors were attacking, Robert called Steve, who was working on construction at a remote station not far from the colony, warning him to escape before the Collectors hit his station too. Steve begged Robert to escape with him, but Robert knew it was too late and asked Steve not to come after him, but to let him go and move on. Steve grieves heavily for his husband's death, and kept a recording of their last call.

He has been in the Alliance since around 2176, first serving in the First Fleet on-board the SSV Hawking piloting F-61 Tridents. According to him, he has a knack for procurements, but his skill set made him a more valuable person to command a flight deck.


Steve Cortez Location

Steve Cortez can be found in the following Locations:

  • Normandy SR-2


Steve Cortez Related Missions

The following Missions are related to Steve Cortez:

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Steve Cortez Notes and tips

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  • Voiced by: Matthew Del Negro



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