Romance Guide: Javik

Gender Preference Female Shepard
Romance Type Short-Term, Fling
Legacy Only No
Romance Scene No

Romance Guide for Javik in Mass Effect 3 features a guide on how to romance and have a relationship with Javik. Romance in Mass Effect 3 helps the players develop a romantic relationship with their desired Companion or NPC. Players will get a chance to interact with them, creating a deeper and meaningful relationship.


Romance Guide: Javik Information

  • Gender Preference: Female Shepard
  • Romance Type: Short-Term, Fling
  • Legacy Only: No
  • Romance Scene: No
  • Unlocks the Paramour Achievement: No



How to Romance Javik


Take note that the romance for Javik doesn't really pit Javik and Female Shepard in a relationship, it's more of a scene that gives you an idea that the two took fun on the next level. The scene is where the two are seen waking up next to each other after a party in the Citadel DLC. Players must have the From the Ashes DLC so you can recruit him as a companion during the events of the side mission, Priority: Eden Prime, as well as the Citadel, so you can trigger the fun scene.

The Citadel DLC

First, you must not be in a romance with any other character that can be romanced. Simply play the Citadel DLC and progress the story until you reach the point of the party. At the end of it, you'll be treated to a scene where Shepard wakes up in Javik's bed, and he says to Shepard "Hmm, it turns out there is one thing primitives are good at.", and Shepard responds by saying "Not a word.". As mentioned, you need to be playing as a female Shepard, if you're playing as a Male Shepard, you'll only wake up alone.




Romance Guide: Javik Notes and Tips

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