Priority: Perseus Veil is a Mission in Mass Effect 3. Missions serve as the main quests of the game. Completing Missions progresses the story and is the key to beating the campaign.



General Information

Previous: Priority: The Citadel II

Next: Priority: Geth Dreadnought

Locations: Dholen


Video Walkthrough

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NPCs in the area



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Key Items

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Priority: Perseus Veil Full Walkthrough

Getting Started

This mission is acquired after the conclusion of Priority: The Citadel II. Admiral Hackett will inform you about needing more support ships for the war effort and that the Quarians are looking to talk. He also warns you of instability on the Geth border.

This is a short diplomatic mission that involves no combat, thus needs no real preparation.


Travel to Dholen on the Far Rim and dock with the Quarian Envoy Ship. The mission plays out in its entirety as cutscene with some dialogue choices for backstory. Speaking with the Quarian Admirals reveals they were in the middle of a war with the Geth to retake their homeworld of Rannoch. The Geth have been bolstered by the Reapers, broadcasting a command signal from a Geth Dreadnought nearby. The admirals request Shepard and the Normandy's help in disabling the signal. If Tali survived the events of Mass Effect 2, she will be introduced by the admirals as their technical expert joining the mission, and if she had not been exiled by her people, she would have the rank of Admiral as well.

The mission comes to a close with a quick conversation with Tali, wherein she insists they keep things strictly business in front of the admirals but invites Shepard to talk in private if he wishes to catch up. After the mission, Tali will join as a squadmate and can be found in the War Room aboard the Normandy. You can invite her up to your cabin for your private conversation and you can also lock in a romance if you had romanced her in the previous game. Admiral Raan can also be found in the War Room.

Completing this mission unlocks Priority: Geth Dreadnought.



Trivia & Notes

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