Priority: Palaven is a Mission in Mass Effect 3. Missions serve as the main quests of the game. Completing Missions progresses the story and is the key to beating the campaign.



Priority: Palaven Full Walkthrough

Getting Started

This mission is acquired automatically upon the conclusion of Priority: The Citadel I. Additionally, acquiring this mission will also give you access to the following Side Missions:

Before you depart for Palaven's moon, there are plenty of conversations you can take part in for additional reputation while on the Normandy. It is recommended you get acquainted with your ship, its facilities and crew and this is a great time to do so. You can check the War Room for info on your Galactic Readiness and War Assets, which play a key role in the story's culmination and the Endings you can achieve. Near the Galaxy Map panel, you can speak with Specialist Traynor for some reputation and to unlock a Side Mission which you are free to take on now that you have control of your ship. Near the Galaxy Map, you can check your private messages via the terminal. Joker can be found on the bridge for a quick catch-up. At the Shuttle Bay, you can make use of the Weapon Bench and Armor Station. James and Cortez can also be found nearby. Cortez will sell you items but it is recommended you hold off for now as his stock can be found in the upcoming mission. Liara and Dr. Chakwas (if recruited) are on the Crew Deck. Take note of the bench in the Med Bay where Dr. Chakwas is. You can use this to reassign skill points for your squad. The first time is free while subsequent respecs will cost credits. It's not recommended to reassign anything this early in the game. Engineer Adams, a familiar face from previous games can be found in Engineering. Diana can also be found here if you've recruited her.

When you've done all you need to do, you can head back to the Galaxy Map and chart a course for the Palaven moon of Menae in the Apien Crest system.


Upon arrival on Menae, you are immediately propelled into action as Cortez informs you the landing zone is hot. You instruct James to open the doors mid-flight allowing you to fire at the Husks below. Clear out as many as you can and then finish them off when you land. You can speak to the Turian soldier here for quick directions to the commanding officer. Scan the spare parts just past the soldier's fortifications for some salvage worth 1,250 Credits. Continue along the path to reach the base proper.

There are a few items to be found in this base. In the first structure on the left is a Med Kit while the first on the right contains a Datapad. Further down main the path and right in the center are a bunch of crates with another datapad and the M-97 Viper Sniper Rifle. From the crates, keep heading forward and look to the right for another fortified structure with a couple of items propped around the right edge. These are the Armax Arsenal Shoulder Guide and Pistol Piercing Mod. There is also Weapon Bench here if you wish to change your loadout or apply upgrades. Go to the alcove on the right for more crates with another datapad and the Pistol Magazine Upgrade. Backtrack just a little bit to the structure on the right just before the alcove with a Turian looking over a battle map. This is the Commanding Officer you are looking for, General Corinthus. A brief conversation ensues as he updates you on the situation. He tells you that the Primarch is dead and that they need help getting the Comms Tower back online to get in touch with Palaven Command. Shepard offers help immediately and you are brought back to action.

Back on the main path, move towards the satellite dish in the distance while keeping to your left. There is another fortification structure on the path to the left where you can find another Med Kit, datapad and the Hahne-Kedar Greaves. Follow the path left from here towards the base's exit. Look out for the barricades on the left where you can pick up an M-27 Scimitar Shotgun and Assault Rifle Piercing Mod. Exit the base and hop up to the higher terrain where the Turian soldiers are. They tell you they were overwhelmed by Husks. Continue on this path towards the Comms Tower and engage the Husks that appear. After defeating this initial wave, you will have to choose a squadmate to repair the tower while you defend against more Husk waves with the other. The Husks aren't much of a threat so pick whoever you want. If you somehow find yourself getting overwhelmed, Liara provides great crowd control with Singularity. When you've made your choice, the fight will begin. By now, you should know that the Husks aren't particularly strong but can overwhelm in numbers. Simply make sure not to stay in one place too long and employ run and gun tactics instead. Make use of powers a lot and move away from herds. After some time, your squadmate will announce that the tower's repairs are complete and they will rejoin you. Help the Turians with the Husks until the General radios back and then head back to the base when he does.

At the base, you are reunited with your old comrade Garrus. General Corinthus informs you that General Victus is set to become the next Primarch and that he is somewhere on the moon. After Shepard checks in with Garrus regarding General Victus, Joker radios in and says the Normandy is having technical difficulties. Shepard sends Liara back to investigate and Garrus takes her place on your squad. Note that if you imported a save from Mass Effect 2 where Garrus didn't survive, he will not appear here and Liara will stay in the squad with Shepard telling Joker that he will look into the issue after the mission. Shortly after, a Harvester swoops in and then heads for the Airfield as the squad preps for battle.

When you regain control, take some time to outfit Garrus with weapon mods and set his Powers before going to deal with the Harvester. When ready, head for the top-right corner of the base and head out into the Airfield. Move towards the metal barricades propped up in front and pick up the Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade nearby. There are also supplies you can salvage for 2,500 credits on the crates to the right of the area. The Reaper forces here are comprised of Husks and Marauders, which look a bit like Turians. They are equipped with Assault Rifles and moderate shields. Garrus' Overload is great for taking out shields so make use of this ability a lot. Marauders can also coat their allies with armor plating which will need to be shot off before they can be damaged. However, the coating animation takes a few seconds and can be interrupted with any damage done to the Marauder or recipient. It's best to prioritize the Marauders to prevent them from using this ability, making fights longer.

After taking care of the enemy forces, head back to the base and Corinthus will request for your help at the main barricade. Head straight forward and climb up ladder to get to the ramparts. There is a Mounted Turret here that you can make use of to fend off the waves of Husks. After several waves, you are knocked off the Turret by a Brute, a heavily armored Krogan/Turian hybrid mutated by Reaper techonology. Brutes are exceedingly powerful opponents that like to charge at targets and perform large swipes with their claw arms. Their bodies are filled with armor plating that need to be shot off before they can be damaged. However, their rears are unarmored and can be exploited after they've charged. Maintain your distance at all times as Brutes will perform one last swipe attack as they die which deals heavy damage and stagger. After defeating the Brute and Husks outside the walls, follow Garrus along the linear path to Victus' last known location. There will be a few Husks along the way as well.

You will eventually reach an open area with Turian soldiers firing off the edge of the cliffs. There is a Med Kit, datapad and Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo to be found here. Check in with the soldiers to learn that Victus was headed South. Continue along the path south and you will see a small aircraft crash into the canyons in front of you. Investigate the crash site and then press onwards to the left. There is another Med Kit to be found along the way. Continue on as you listen to your squad's banter. As you near your destination, an explosion goes off in the distance prompting the team to rush towards the scene.

You come across a camp being overrun by Reaper forces. You will encounter Cannibals, Marauders and Brutes. Weave in between cover as you take them out, prioritizing the Brute while keeping your distance. There is a Med Kit and Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope in the left area from the entrance, where the burning structures are. From there, head to the right side of the encampment and look to the right for a Reaper Blackstar Heavy Weapon. It is recommended you use this on one or both of the Brutes nearby as it can take them out instantly. After taking out all the Reaper forces, speak to General Victus. As the mission comes to a close, Victus is convinced to take his place as Primarch and offer the service of his fleet under the condition that Shepard rallies the Krogan to help take the pressure off of Palaven. After the conversation, you are transported back to the Normandy.


Next Mission: Priority: Sur'Kesh


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