Attican Traverse: Krogan Team is a Mission in Mass Effect 3. Missions serve as the main quests of the game. Completing Missions progresses the story and is the key to beating the campaign.



General Information

Previous: Priority: Sur'Kesh

Next: Priority: Tuchanka

Locations: Utukku


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Attican Traverse: Krogan Team Full Walkthrough

Getting Started

This mission is automatically acquired upon the conclusion of Priority: Sur'Kesh.

Before you can begin Priority: Tuchanka, you are required to complete either this mission or Tuchanka: Turian Platoon.

Speak to Urdnot Wrex (or Wreav) in the War Room aboard the Normandy to get details about the mission. One of his squads has gone missing in the Rachni Relay and he suspects a resurgence of Rachni to Shepard's disbelief. He asks that you meet with his best unit, the Aralakh Company to look into the disappearance. If you've imported a save in which the Rachni Queen was spared in the first game, this mission will play out slightly differently and will alternatively be named Attican Traverse: The Rachni. When ready, open up the Galaxy Map and chart a course for Utukku in the Mulla Xul System. As far as loadouts are concerned, it would be advantageous to bring along Powers that can prime and detonate Fire or Biotic Explosions.


Upon arrival, Shepard is reunited with an ecstatic Grunt(if he was released from his tank and survived the events of Mass Effect 2. Otherwise Urdnot Dagg takes his place). It would seem Grunt has made a name for himself, become Wrex's choice to lead Aralakh Company. He asks you to meet him at the scout camp ahead. Before moving on, check the building on your left for an M-300 Claymore Shotgun, Pistol High Caliber Barrel, as well as some salvage worth 1,625 Credits. Head back out and follow the path along the canyons and you will see a couple of smaller buildings. Enter the left one for an SMG High Caliber Barrel and some more salvage worth 875 Credits propped on some crates just outside the back door.

Speak to Grunt just outside the second structure for some more backstory and then head inside. About halfway through, the cliffs underneath the structure give way and you are sent crashing down the canyon. Head forward a bit and you will find one of Wrex's scouts, long dead. Pick up the M-451 Firestorm Heavy Weapon next to him. You will find several of these during the mission and they are invaluable in destroying Rachni webbing as well as spore pods throughout the tunnels which explode and damage shields if you are too close.

Burn the two sets of webbing just ahead as you make your way into the tunnels. Keep heading forward and take the path going right. You will see the first set of spore pods to your right and your squadmate will comment on them being dangerous as you destroy them. You'll find a few more sets of pods just up ahead, along with some webbings. Destroy everything and you will see a second dead scout in the left corner with another Firestorm. One of your squadmates will comment on the Reaper technology amongst the webbing. Move along through the path behind the webbing you destroyed and you will drop down to a large area where a battle ensues. You are faced with a Ravager for the first time along with several Husks. The Ravager is a Rachni mutated by Reaper technology equipped with heavy armor. They are armed with two cannons that fire in bursts. They also continually spawn Swarmers, which are small spider-like creatures that attack in groups and can hinder shield regeneration if a large enough swarm gets to you but they are easily killed with a single shot from most weapons. The Ravager's weak spot is behind the large sacs in front of their body, which can be punctured by gunfire. Lastly, a Ravager will leave behind a pool of acid upon death so be careful not to step in it. There will also be a Barrier Engine present which is a piece of Reaper tech that provides shielding to Husks and other Reaper forces. Destroy these immediately to prevent a drawn-out fight.

When the battle is over, move along to where the Ravager spawned but pick up the Shotgun Shredder Mod to the left of the area beforehand. Near the center, there should be another dead Krogan scout just below the upper ledge as well as another Firestorm. Proceed around the corner and you will find more spore pods. Destroy them and move along the passage behind them for even more pods and some webbing. Just past here is a blocked door of sorts. Destroy the webbing on the right and you will find a Reaper Node that will open the door once destroyed. There is also yet another Krogan Scout and a Firestorm. Destroy the webs past the door to trigger a cutscene that causes the ceiling to collapse behind you, cutting off your exit.

Take out the pods ahead as you move forward and take note of some webbing on the left wall. There is some Reaper Tech you can salvage here for 3,750 Credits. From here, turn right when you can while destroying the pods. There should be a lone Husk charging at you. Take it out and check behind the first set of webbings to the left for a Krogan corpse with a dying message. Picking it up unlocks the Citadel: Krogan Dying Message side mission. Note that it does not appear on your journal. There is another Krogan scout behind the webbing on the right with another Firestorm if you want it. Proceed to the large area ahead for another Ravager fight. It will be accompanied by several Husks and Cannibals, as well as a few Barrier Engines. Employ the same tactics as before and be careful of the Cannibals' grenades. There will also be another group of  Cannibals with another Ravager to the left section of the area.

When you defeat the second group, proceed towards the path where they were. You can find a Shotgun Spare Ammo upgrade along the left wall here just before the path moves downward. The pods along the path are Gestation Pods which contain swarmers inside. Destroy everything as you move forward. There is some Reaper Tech worth 3,125 Credits behind the group of pods on the left. Along the left pocket of the next area, there is another dead Krogan with a Firestorm next to him.  Keep moving forward, destroying pods along the way. There is a gap you will hop across and this next area will have a dead Krogan at the back with a box containing an Ariake Technologies Shoulder Guard. From here, follow the path moving upwards, hopping up ledge after ledge and removing any pods along the way. There is another gap to hop across which leads into a path moving back downwards. At the end of this path, you see Grunt satisfyingly lifting a Ravager and tossing it into the chasm. Destroy the webs and pods ahead of you and move along the path to another Reaper Node. Destroy it to unlock the path for Grunt and his team. A short cutscene ensues and Grunt plants his group in the area to buy you some time.

You can replace your Firestorm and pick up the Med Kit and Pistol Piercing Mod from the dead Krogan in the left corner before heading out. Move along the path and destroy the pods to pick up the Reaper Tech behind them for 3,125 Credits and then take the left path. Examine the crawlspace ahead to reach the central chamber and trigger a cutscene. The group is trapped behind walls of Reaper tech that rise up from the ground. Look above and to the left and destroy the node to open up one of the walls behind which a group of Reaper forces appear and attack. Take them all out and move towards where the Ravagers were. Destroy the node here and you will see a wall retract where you came from, spawning another group of Reaper forces. Defeat them and move towards where the wall retracted. There is a lake of sorts here and a lot of Reaper forces at the end. You can attempt to flank them by climbing up the ledge to the right of the lake and following the path behind the enemies. There will be another dead Krogan along the wall here with some ammo and a fresh Firestorm if you need it. Destroy the node here and yet more Reaper forces will come in on the opposite side of the lake where you were earlier. Once you finish off the last of them, Grunt will radio in saying the Rachni are backing off and a cutscene begins.

If a save is imported in which the Rachni Queen (original) was spared in the first game, she will appear in this cutscene and converse with Shepard. Otherwise, you will encounter the Breeder instead, which is a Rachni Queen that was revived and genetically altered by the Reapers. You will have a choice to make here with several different outcomes:

  • If conversing with the original Rachni Queen, helping her escape will grant you her Rachni Workers as War Assets worth 100 points. However, Aralakh Company will suffer heavy losses during the mission's conclusion. You will still gain them as War Assets, albeit diminished in strength by 25.
  • If conversing with the Breeder, helping her escape will grant you both Aralakh Company and Rachni Workers at full strength but she will eventually betray you. You will lose her Rachni Workers, she destroys Aralakh Company and also diminishes the Alliance Engineering Corps' strength by 100.
  • Leaving either Rachni to die gives you just the Aralakh Company worth 25 points.

After making your choice, Grunt will stay behind to hold off Ravagers as your squad escapes. This final scene can play out in the following ways:

  • If you've completed Grunt's Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2, he will survive the onslaught of Reaper forces regardless of your choice with the Rachni.
  • Grunt can also survive the scene if you left the Queen or Breeder to die.
  • Saving the Rachni without having completed Grunt's Loyalty Mission will cause him to die.

Grunt's survival will add 25 points of strength to the Aralakh Company War Asset. Having completed his Loyalty Mission will add an additional 25 points towards Clan Urdnot.

The mission comes to a close with Shepard giving a quick report to Admiral Hackett and exchanging some words with Wrex. If this mission is completed before Tuchanka: Turian Platoon, it will lead directly into a conversation with Mordin Solus and setting up the next main mission Priority: Tuchanka.

Next Mission: Priority: Tuchanka


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